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Peace For Today...22 January, 10 Aquarius

Often when we think of becoming involved with any peace related activities we think primarily of flying a sign, wearing a symbol of peace, posting a bumpersticker on our car, or making other outward statements promoting Peace. This is part of what we, as Peace Weavers, do, but it isn't, by far, the most important part of what we do.

I believe the most important job of a Peace Weaver (not just members of our Order, but anyone who promotes Peace in any positive manner) is to embrace Peace within. It begins within our hearts and in a place within ourselves where Spirit dwells. Once we find that place within ourselves, we can recognize it within others, and we embrace Peace, and we cannot help but be Peace.

Being Peace not only means being Peaceful but more importantly, 'Being Peace' means being in that Place within ourselves where Universal Peace resides. By recognizing that we are Peace, we can shift our awareness to that place within and begin to radiate that Peace within, outward to the Universe as a gentle magickal and positive vibration that will affect the entire universe. It can take just a moment, and by releasing our Peace energy we are weaving Peace into the fabric of society and into the Universe, one person at a time.

One method of sharing Peace with the world is by example. Each of us has the chance to be an example of Peace incarnate. By getting in touch with our inner Peace and empowering it by sharing it as much as possible, we can set a positive example for others to follow.

Go to that place within yourself where the entire Universe dwells. Embrace Peace by the armful. Feel the love that goes with it. Then release that Peace energy to the world. Share Peace. It can be a thought, a spell, a ritual, a wish, a prayer...but once released, it is Peace energy that was created and cannot be destroyed. Together we can co-create Peace in our world and on our planet.

Blessed Be Peace and Namaste!
Rev.Theresa Helton (Moonraven)
Order of Peace Weavers

©2010 T.Helton

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