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Merry Meet!

Earth Hour has come and gone.....

Last night was an opportunity to share an hour of positive time with others who are focused on environmental issues, a topic that is much on the minds of many in this day and age.

From 8:30-9:30pm we turned our lights out, everything, and lit candles. It was a time to share intention in a common cause.

It becomes more and more apparent to me that activities like these are a powerful way to bring about change.

As we sat in the dark and looked out over the complex we live in, we were also made aware that we were the only ones participating. Lights blazed, music blared, as the minutes ticked away. We sat in the dark with a red candle of love blazing on the balcony rail, a candle for Peace close by. As the clock ticked, things began to quiet down and a Peaceful glow prevailed. It was a beautiful evening and along with our support for Mother Earth, we sent Peace and Love.

We are often busy with life and may not find the time to simply stop and smell the to speak. Last night was one of those 'stop-and-smell-the-coffee' moments that come along every so often. In this case, once a year. Next year it will take place again. We have an entire year to plan on turning our lights, tv's, radios, stereos, computers, cars, etc, off for an hour, in unity, as citizens of the Universe.

Millions participated. Many famous landmarks went dark, world wide.

Imagine if we were all working together in this way...for Peace!

Blessed Be Peace!

Rev. Theresa Helton (Moonraven)

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