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Peace For Today...Giving Thanks... 25 Nov. Yr 10 Aq.

On this day many are celebrating a day of Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving holiday has its own history and has come to mean different things to different people. At this time I would like to give thanks to our Lord and Lady for life, love and inner Peace, gifts they have bestowed upon each and every one of us. Our Divine Parents have expressed Their love to each one of us with these gifts. As spiritual beings enjoying a physical existence, I believe we have been blessed with all the gifts we need to enjoy a life here on Earth that resounds in love, joy and Peace, the keys to life in harmony.

We each have the power within us to experience exactly the life we desire. We each, thru the divine gifts within us, desire a harmonious life. We know, as Wiccans and Pagans, that we have the power to manifest our desires to effect positive change in our lives.

I believe that our feelings give energy to our thoughts which we then experience as our reality.
What a wonderful world we can co-create! By focusing our thoughts upon giving love, experiencing joy and knowing Peace, we will manifest these in our world.

One of the most powerful tools we can use in our work toward Peace is gratitude, giving thanks. By expressing our gratitude and giving thanks for all things, we empower the energies of love, joy and Peace within us which then blesses everyOne we meet.

In this very simple way, we participate in weaving Peace in our world and on our planet.
Join with me today in giving thanks for the gifts Our Divine Parents have blessed us with,,love and Peace within.

"Today I give thanks to my blessed Divine Parents, for life, love and inner Peace. May I recognize Your gifts everyOne I meet."

Blessedly Be Peace!

Rev. Theresa Helton (Moonraven)
The Order of Peace Weavers
Order Head

©2010 T.Helton

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