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Blessed Be Peace!

This is a greeting that I embraced when the Order of Peace Weavers was established. To me it says everything. It is a blessing and a wish. It is a request to be the 'Peace' we wish to see in the world.
Peace comes from within. The Goddess advises us to seek what we are looking for within ourselves for we will not find it outside of ourselves. So it is with Peace. When we recognize that Peace resides within our heart and every heart, then we can be sure to manifest it in our world, together.
By embracing Oneness, we create Peace.

As Wiccans and Pagans we have often expressed a blessing to one another by saying 'Blessed Be!' We have used these words at the opening and closing of rituals and ceremonies, at the ends of spell workings and prayers, and as a general all-round greeting.

By adding the word 'Peace' to the end of the greeting, it becomes a wish that we, as indivduals, may know the Peace within ourselves and that we may share this Peace with everyone we meet, with every handshake, and in every smile.

In this small but powerful way we are sharing the Peace from within ourselves with the world and with our planet. It is something we can do for Peace that lingers in the ear and visits the hearts of those who hear it.
" Blessed Be....Peace..Did you say?...Hmmm....Peace." With that, a seed is planted. An idea is sparked and Light is shed on a movement in our community that wants to inform the world that Wiccans and Pagans are standing tall for Peace in our world and on our planet.

Say it with a smile in your heart that will shine in your eyes...Blessed Be Peace!

©2010Rev.Theresa Helton (Moonraven)

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Comment by Claudia Blanton on January 12, 2010 at 6:10pm
I really enjoyed reading that! what a great idea to add the word and intention of peace after each BB. Thanks for this idea.
Blessed Be Peace



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