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To all of Witchschool,

My aunt in law, whom is also one of the speakers on the Pagan Priestess show, Kazan Clark, is very sick. She is being transported by ambulance to UAMS in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The lower part of her heart is not transferring blood as fast as the top part and they are afraid that her heart is going to stop. Her major arteries are damaged in the lower part of the heart and she grew minor blood vessels to compensate but it's not doing the job. They are talking about a pacemaker now.

She will be in room S811 at UAMS in Little Rock. I know many of you here know this beautiful soul, and I ask that all of you send prayers, positive thoughts, and healing energy her way. Please light a candle for Kazan and ask the Gods to aid in her healing.

Thank you all,

LeAnn Jones

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Comment by Kristy M on October 25, 2013 at 9:48pm
I also live in Central AR... I will light a healing blue candle for her this evening and ask that it speeds its way to her. BB


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