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Do you know people who work hard, sometimes very hard, at perfecting their game? They “religiously” practice golf, or basketball, or even their favorite video game. Some of these people even seem to eat and breathe their game. In fact, I have a neighbor who's entire existence is centered around golf; it appears to be his religion. They understand the importance of practice. They probably learned what my high school coach use to tell us half a century ago, “Team, only perfect practice makes perfect”. That’s why several times each semester I remind my students that they won’t learn to solve problems watching me solve them on the whiteboard in the classroom. Thanks to Ebbinhaus’ forgetting function they will have forgotten most of what we did in class by the time they get back to their dorm rooms later in the day. The only way that they will become good problem solvers is to sit in their dorms, use their class notes and textbook as guides, and sit at their desks and practice solving similar problems over and over and over.

You probably have seen members of the book religions who appear to believe that sitting on a pew in their church for 90 minutes once a week will turn them into good Christians. That is about as effective as me thinking that if I sit in my Jeep for an hour a week that eventually I will turn into one. It doesn’t work that way for them, nor for us. If we want to have a truly spiritual life then Druidcraft or Wicca can’t be something that we do eight times year or even once or twice a month. It isn’t enough to read an occasional book on The Craft, wear the “right” jewelry, or have an appropriate bumper sticker on our car. We have to live our religion, to practice our practice.

It has taken me a long time to realize that there can’t be any distinction between the mundane and the spiritual in my life. The Goddess and the God imbue or interpenetrate all that is. To them my life is my life. To them, I don’t have a mundane life and a spiritual life. I just have a life. If we really believe that They are manifest in everything, in all of nature, then everything is sacred and that includes us. Every part of my life is sacred, going grocery shopping, being a professor, playing with my three sons; everything I do is an opportunity to show love for and respect to the Goddess and the God, to the Lady and the Lord of my life. I do it by showing love for and respect to all the They created.

Are you getting the drift? The life that I am describing is one where our religion, be it Druidcraft, Wicca, or the Correllian Nativist Tradition, is our life, it is our religion all day, every day. It becomes our 24/7 practice. Yes, I get up every morning at 5:00, assemble my altar (I live in a small home with my patient wife, three teen-aged boys, and a cat and there isn’t any room for a permanent altar so I have to build it every day, use it, and then take it down and put it away), cast a circle, and begin my day with my Lord and Lady, and then put everything back in its place. However, the time that I spend in ritual every morning isn’t my religious practice; it just gets the day off to a good start on the right foot. My thoughts, words and actions all day long are my religious practice.

Yes, it is a wonderful way to start the day and I highly recommend it. However, I often think that it we would live our lives loving the Goddess and the God with everything that we do then there wouldn’t be much need for spell craft because our lives would weave a spell, we would become a living spell. Want to try it with me?

Peace my friends,

Rev. Dave a Correllian Tradition Witan Shrine

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