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Prayers and Energy To Haiti. Post Your Prayers and Wishes for the People of Haiti, Here!

Blessed Godde,
Divine Parents,
We come together as one heart
to offer positive thoughts
and energy to the people of Haiti.

May they know that we care
and that they are not alone
in this time of fear and desperation.

May they feel the comfort
of our loving embrace across the miles
as we pray and send energy to all.

May the powers that be move
swiftly to come to their aid with water, food,
clothing and shelter for all in need.

Bless those who fly into danger
to assist in the recovery from this
devastating earthquake which
continues to make its presence felt.
Keep these 'special' caregivers safe.

Comfort those who are waiting
for word on their loved ones.

May safety and security soon be
restored to the Hatian people.

We are all One.
When tragedy strikes one,
it strikes us all.

For the highest good of all concerned,
As above, So below.
As within, So without.
May the blessing be upon all.
So Mote It Be.

©2010 Rev.Theresa Helton (Moonraven)
Order Head-Order of Peace Weavers

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Comment by Megan L Conklin on January 13, 2010 at 5:03pm
I wrote a spell to help send energy to victims of disasters, and posted it on my blog. That you so much for sharing you prayers! I hope those people fnd healing and comforts. Here is a link for those who would like to use my spell!

Healing for Natural Disasters


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