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Dear Daily Spell Family and Friends,

We hope we find you in good health as we begin the new year of 2021.

In 2020 we learned how much we love being connected in our community. We connected online and through, CEM Broadcasting, and the rebirth of the Correllian Times. We plan to continue in 2021.

In order to help you and members around the world we are creating a directory of local resources, worldwide. This new project and site is known as Pagan.World. This site will fill the role formerly held by Witchvox, which closed last year. Now we are establishing a new site, a new project in 2021, to provide you local access to groups, shops, events, and services. Pagan.World will offer connecting technology to make the connection of like-minded souls easier.

Here is a link to the campaign:

Like the Daily Spell, we will make the site available to everyone who wants to participate. So starting in February the new site will be beta open to seekers, as we develop this amazing resource. We will not charge for the seeker level. We are raising additional funds and preselling Supporting, Vendor, and Sponsor memberships on Indiegogo. In this we are looking to provide continued support to creating a fantastic resource to meet others with.

Here is the link:

This project will provide seekers with local and basic listings of the people and resources needed for a healthy Pagan life. This includes groups of all kinds, vendors, services, events, and even clergy that can perform weddings. With the advance of technology, profile and links can and will include podcasts, video, workshops, and even online festivals.

As Community, Vendors, and Sponsors we offer access to create and promote your own content, including Podcasts, Workshops, Shows and whatever creative output you can generate. With social broadcasting Pagan.World will be able to help expand your audience, to help you connect to the community and gain attention of those you vibe with.

So consider pledging to Pagan.World Directory, and getting in on the ground floor of a life-changing project.

Ed Hubbard
Project Leader,
CIO CEM Broadcasting

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