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Dear Everyone
I normally work two hours on Monday at 158 Bakery in South Portland Maine. However a month ago I was offered two more hours as long as I worked four hours in a row. Because of my ADD and social anxiety I had been unable to work more than two hours at a time but recently have managed to concentrate for longer and work four hours on Thursday.
Otherwise I have met a wonderful friend named Dale who's gay like me and have met quite often with him. We meet at least twice a week and either go to his place and watch videos on his 40 inch LED TV with surround sound or go to Bug Lighthouse for a walk along the shore.
I've been posting adds for a boyfriend (Dale and I are just friends), for a coven and a band. Plus I've been recording an album at Shabby Road studios with The Furry Ambers, a band for people with disabilities like me. I've gotten one response to the coven add but haven't met the person yet. I've been going back to AA meetings on Saturday with my sponsor and I spoke at an online meeting.
I'm going to do some canvassing for Equality Maine for the upcoming election, plus hopefully volunteer for the Central Service Office of AA.

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