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Reflection Protection Spell

You'll need:
a shoebox
aluminum foil
*troll doll (or other doll or figurine)
Candle and lighter

*Do not use a doll or figure that has sentimental value or attachement to you or any other family member, if need be by a new one or sew a simple poppet for this spell... DO NOT try to make it into a personification of someone you dislike...

This is a spell to reflect negative energy away from you or your family. It is a different take on other "binding spells" But it is non specific, without hindering free will or targeting an individual. Before doing any p[art of the spell... be sure to ground and center. Doing a cleansing bath each time will be helpful as well.

Step one... prepare your box. Glue aluminum foil to all of the interior of your shoe box. On your paper write a list of all the negative emotions or traits affecting you or your family...

Such as:


... and so on. Take the troll doll and wrap it in the paper (words facing in). Visualize the doll as a sponge, soaking in these bad feelings and energies and absorbing them. They no longer are yours, the are the doll's. Set the doll in your house on a high shelf, were it won't be disturbed..

Step Two: Wait 3-4 days so the doll can absorb any negativity, but check on the doll each day to make sure it is "safe".

On the last day, put the doll in the box. Visualize the shiny surface of the box's interior reflecting all negativity sent outward reflecting back into the doll... Realize that this troll is the "vessel" of all this anger, greed, and selfishness. chant:

"Anger breeds Anger
Greed breeds Greed
All of this is madness
From negativity we are/I am freed!"

Tape up the box and place it away for 2-3 week OR until the moon is full next. Do your best to only be positive and spread love during this time. When you feel any negativity, take several deep breaths and try to come back to "center".

When you time is over... take the doll out of the box... Ideally by this time you should feel much more positive and empowered in general. Fill up a sink with water... Grab your salt and pull the list off of the doll.. read it's contents out loud... Imagine yourself and your loved one's being free of these things... Sprinkle salt in the water in the sink... say,

"this is the purifying water of love and tranquility"

dip your fingers into the water and visualize cool white light pouring into the sink... energizing the water.

Grab the doll... plunge it into the water... wash the water over it... Say:

"Our creature, host of our pain, I hereby cleanse you off all of this negativity, may it wash away from you, and wash away from our family/ me..."

Cleansing is important because it REMOVES the energy, rather than simply storing it to be released. Other spells such as "freeze spells" or other binding spells OFTEN miss this important crucial part of a proper protection... If the energy is simply stored, binded, or froze, it can be unleashed when the spell is released... Instead, cleanse the energy!

Last... Grab your candle and burn the list. Visualize each item vanishing, one by one... Imagine peace and happiness filling your home. Spread the ashes outside...

Keep the doll some where in your house for later use, OR bury it, whichever you feel is best...

Blessed Be and Good Luck to YOU!


*** For Kathy Torre,

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Comment by mara rising-phoenix on August 18, 2010 at 9:50pm
I adore this spell....I am so going to do this!! What a wonderful thing you have done here Mrs. Herrod. Have you had success with this one? I have to learn how to make a poppet. I don't think that they are hard. I believe you just draw the template on two pieces of fabric, cut, sew, stuff, and sew right? Any herbal suggestions for the inside of the poppet? :) BB to you Megan! *Mara
Comment by Ruth Edith Norby on August 19, 2010 at 5:15am
I am sorry! I have been a wican since I was sixteen. I am thirty-nine. To meditate and look inside ourselves teaches our ability. If something is bothering us, it is a block within us. The simplest spells are the most powerful spells. If I am being negative in my own part, I will do a protective spell of both ways. Otherwise a simple white illuminating and appreciation of myself will be sufficient. If I want to rebel against something that is a simple mirror.
Comment by Megan L Conklin on August 19, 2010 at 12:29pm
This spell is meant to deal with more large scale conflicts... A lot of times a family as a whole has an issue that is difficult to deal with. If that issue causes much conflict it can be very difficult to battle. Personifying the "negativity" gives us a psychological/magical way to "face" it and deal with it. It can be very helpful to have some THING to look at, to deal with.

If there is a breeze in your house... what do you do? You check the windows... are they closed? You see if the fan is on... you check doors for a draft...

What most people wont do is try to direct the breeze away or out, work with it... we naturally choose to deal with physicality rather than ethereal things. This spell is meant to give physicality to the hard to handle issues of conflict, negativity etc... AND an appropriate way of handling it.

I have been wiccan since I was 11 and I am 23... 12 years... Simple spells help with simpler issues... but for deep-seated, complex, painful issues... a lot of times taking time to draw a spell out for maximum benefit is very useful..

Blessed Be!
Comment by Heidi M Tsai on May 24, 2013 at 3:28am

Yes, thank you Megan. I have seen one of your simpler spells in a previous blog, and loved it. I also love this one because it is clear and seems that the more conflict issues would require more footwork-or hand work in this case, lol. I am a novice, have loved the craft since childhood and have only been able to on my own begin to do literary and of course now online research since I was early 20's and now 43, the process has been slow due to resources and privacy issues but I enjoy reading your insights.


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