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"Refrain from speaking ill of others, for not all truths of the matter may be known."

Working in the field of healthcare (I LOVE and ENJOY what I do!), I'm somewhat bound to be analytical, critical and honest. Practicing for almost 20 years, I've gone thru my highest highs and lowest lows. I took pride and joy with everything I did and had always been kind and mindful of each patient I've come to meet or treated. As years passed and I started to get burned, my patience & understanding have worn thin as well. Sweet little me had gone to the way side and I've become less sympathetic. I found myself getting harsh or brutally honest with them. And since I've been trained to analyze even the minute details whenever I do patient evaluations, I could see the slightest twitch a person makes and have enjoyed pointing them out to these poor souls without reprieve. All that time I didn't even realize that I have made so many mistakes in how I dealt with them when it came to "being honest". Then the series House, MD came out, I've slowly seen myself walking the same path as the rude and ruthless character of the show. Not only that, I even joined conversations between my co-workers (biggest no-no) as they talked about how this patient was dressed like or how that one smelled bad or how the other one was faking his illness. I struggled to get out of that really "bad habit" and change the way I see and deal with people. I eventually left that office in the hopes that I'll find a less-hostile/more nurturing work environment. Alas, my current workplace isn't much different from the old one, just a tad better since it's a smaller office.I have found myself occasionally joining their "bashing circles" but end up running away from it when I realize that once again, I'm badmouthing or making fun of someone. Old habits die hard and to make matters worse, I work with a bunch of "young-thinking"/narrow-minded folks and I'm twice their age lol. Last December when they saw me reading the book "The Craft" by Dorothy Morrison during my lunch break, they were beyond themselves. They taunted me and was saying that I'm supposed to be a Christian and I shouldn't be reading about such things or be bringing them to work. I paid them no mind and held my tongue, as much as I badly wanted to say something. Now, they cringe at the fact that I'm starting to practice the Craft and expect me to act like a "crazy witch" with dark spells spewing out of my mouth whenever I come across a difficult patient. To make the long story short, as my interest with Wicca had increased, I felt the need to go beyond the books I've been reading and go online in the hopes that I can find additional info that will give me more insight about a new Path I was about to follow. I've come across a posting from a coven from Kansas City and they have a section for the Goddess and God Charges, Wiccan Rede, etc. One interesting part of the page is about The Witch's Code of Chivalry. It struck a cord to me esp. the part about not speaking ill of others and using words sparingly. It's re-affirming my favorite mantra "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all". I'm doing my very best to adhere to it even if it somehow makes me come across as stand-off-ish to people I work with. I don't even find the excuse "that we're only human and we'll always be critical of everyone" acceptable anymore. As I grow in the Path, I'm changing the way my co-workers perceive me as well as how they view Wicca & Witchcraft and how it's making a positive impact in my life. Below you'll find the complete Code of Chivalry I borrowed from the site from Mystic Moon Coven.

Love and Light.

The Witch’s Code of Chivalry
- Chivalry is a high code of honor which is of most ancient Pagan origin, and must be lived by all who follow the Old ways.

- It must be understood that thoughts and intent put forth on this plane will wax strong in other planes, and return... bringing into creation, on this world, that which had been sent forth. Thus, you should exercise discipline, for "as ye do plant, so shall ye harvest".

- It is only by preparing our minds to be as Gods that we can ultimately attain godhead.

- Above all else, you must be true to yourself.

- A witches’ word must have the validity of a signed and witnessed oath. Thus, give thy word sparingly, but adhere to it like iron.

- Refrain from speaking ill of others, for not all truths of the matter may be known.

- Pass not unverified words about another, for hearsay is, in large part, a thing of falsehoods.

- Be honest with others, and let them know that honesty is also expected of them.

- The heat of the moment plays havoc with the truth. To keep your head is a virtue.

- Contemplate always the consequences of your actions upon others. Strive not to harm.

- Different covens may well have diverse views on love between members and with others. When a coven, clan, or grove is visited or joined, you should always find out their practices and abide by them, or leave.

- Dignity, a gracious manner, and a good humor are much to be admired.

- As a witch, you have power, and your powers wax strongly as wisdom increases. Therefore, exercise discretion in their use.

- Courage and honor endure forever. Their echoes remain when the mountains have crumbled to dust.

- Pledge friendship and fealty to those who warrant it. Strengthen others of this path and they will strengthen you.

- You must not reveal the secrets of another witch or another coven. Others have labored long and hard for them, and cherish them as a treasure.

- Though there may be differences between those of the Old Ways, those who are once-born must see nothing and must hear nothing.

- Those who follow the mysteries should be above reproach in the eyes of the world.

- The laws of the land should be obeyed whenever possible and within reason, for the most part they have been chosen with wisdom.

- Have pride in yourself and seek perfection in mind and body. For the Lady asks "How cast thou honor another unless thou give honor to thyself first?"

- Those who seek the mysteries should consider themselves as select of the Gods, for it is they who lead the race of humankind to the highest of thrones and beyond the stars.

This information was taken from ‘Magical Rites from the Crystal Well’ by Ed Fitch.

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Comment by Rev. SilentOwl on January 20, 2011 at 2:22pm
I enjoyed your exploring about life itself and how you manage to work on bettering yourself. Keep it up because what you are doing is beautiful.

Comment by Cerridwen Freya on January 21, 2011 at 11:53am
Merry Meet, LadyO! Thanks for the kind words. Have a wonderful weekend!

Brightest Blessings.


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