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Seeking Daily Spell Reporters, Writers, and Bloggers

As we expand our coverage we are looking for help.

The Daily Spell Group is composed of many channels of distribution of content. The primary ways include Blogs and Articles, Podcasts, and Video to our wide and diverse audience. In this, we are driven by volunteers and organized to serve as a platform for our communities many voices.

Writers and Bloggers:

We are seeking writers and bloggers who want to share their stories. We are looking for a range of stories including:

Reporting on local events including Pagan Pride events, Holiday Celebrations, and events of all kinds.
Reporting on local people, groups, and businesses, in order to explain what is available.
Writing on issues of the community, including gender, sexuality, opportunity, discrimination.
Writing on issues of leadership and success including interviews with leaders.
Writing book reviews, tarot reviews, etc.

Daily columnists and Meme Creators:

We are seeking individuals and groups to help create content based on daily basis. This provides a way to communicate and share information in fun ways.

Daily Pieces we are looking for:
This Day in History
Today's Birthday Bio
Astrology, Tarot Reading, Numerology
Today's Holiday
Spells (The Daily Spell).
(in these cases, we can have them done in batches, which we put into timed releases).

Daily Spell Reporters:

We are seeking individuals who can do news, seek to understand news, and seek out to report news on a local basis. We are looking for local members, as groups and individuals who can report, using text, audio and video to tell the stories we want and need.

The tools we have for reporters include blogging, social media, podcasting, vlogging, and live broadcast as needed. We have the capability of reaching our audience often within a few short hours as needed.

If interested in any of these positions, please email Rev. Lori B.

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