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Sending Energies of Peace to Fort Hood and the World.

Members of the Correllian 'Order of Peace Weavers' and myself, encourage all to send loving and positive energy, whether it be prayer, spellworking, ritual, reiki, or other lightworking modalities, to this tragic situation and in support of those affected by this tragedy.
We continue to work tirelessly in our Peace ministry, offering energy and intention toward Peace in our world and on our planet. We hope members of Witch School and the Correllian Tradition will join us in this effort.
Our condolences and support to all those affected by this tragedy. Though our physical bodies may expire, we, as spiritual beings are eternal. May those taken from us rest in the arms of the Lady and Lord until we merrily meet again.
Blessed Be Peace,
Rev.Theresa Helton (Moonraven)
Order Of Peace Weavers.

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