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Greetings All, As you may recall, we implemented the Silent Auction at last September's Lustration that turned out to be very successful for raising funds to support the Correllian Nativist Tradition. Last September's Auction raised over $700.00, all from items handmade and otherwise donated by our fellow Correllians.

Well it is time again to prepare for this April, so I am asking for donated items in support of this fundraising project. Please consider supporting this project with your handmade items - art, pottery, woodwork, fabric, jewelry, a whole wide spectrum of media that so many of our members create. Or, not so artistic! consider other special items that were once on your altar or in your home that you no longer need. This is a wonderful way to transfer energy amongst our members.

As we did previously, all donated items will be featured on the webpage with a brief description, along with the person, and / or Temple / Shrine / or Group who donated the item.

This is a wonderful way to share your talents and support of CNT. If you enjoy what you do and want to let others see - this is a great venue to do so.

The Silent Auction will be conducted starting April 1st.thru April 21st., therefore any items will need to be received by March 20th. All items will then be put on display at Lustration being held at Watertown WI, starting April 23rd.

If you wish to participate in this project, please contact me at

Thank You in advance for your generosity to help raise money for CNT.

Blessings, Mike

CNT Fundraising Office

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