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ilent Auction Ending Soon (Reminder)

Greetings All,

Sending out this reminder that the Silent Auction will be ending soon. There is still time to place a bid and give financial support to the Corrllian Tradition.

Thank You to all those who have supported this project, both to those who have donated the array of items as well as all who have sent in bids that so far total over $250.00.

The internet portion of the Silent Auction will be available for bidding until Thursday, September 2nd 9:00 PM EST.

All of these items will then be on display during the Sacred Sea Temple Regional Lustration for In-person silent auction bidding until 5:00 P.M. Saturday, September 4th 2010.

Winning bidders will be notified on Monday, September 6th via email
and final results updated to the webpage.

Your active participation in this event will aid in the ongoing support of our Tradition.

Many Blessings, Rev. Mike Neal
CNT Fundraising Office

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