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Greetings Everyone,

The 2010 Lustration of the Living Silent Auction was a resounding success. Through the genorosity of all those who donated items and all those who bid, we were able to raise over $400.00 to support the Correllian Tradition. Also, a special thanks to Lady Anna HP who kept the auction webpage updated and to LadyWindy HP who gets the word out so quickly to the many boards and groups.

Although the event is held twice per year in conjunction with the semi-annualLustrations. Any Temple that hosts a Lustration is solely responsible for all expences relating to their hosting, including expenses for facilities as well as travel and accomodations for the High Priesthood, the cost of which is somewhat defrayed by registration fees to attend. All monies raised in the Silent Auction benefit our Tradition 100%. The funds raised help to support ongoing expenses such as the website, video equipment and many other administrative

It is hoped that someday, through fundraising events such as this and regular monthly donations by our members that we as a Tradition will be able to financially support our High Priesthood who has sacrificed so much through the years to bring this Tradition to the world. Consider becoming a regular supporter of CNT by going to the "Givers Zone" webpage on our website.

Again, Thanks to all who helped make the Silent Auction a success!! You can check out the results at the following link.

May You Blessed Be,

Rev. Mike Neal
CNT Fundraising Office

P.S. If you have something you wish to donate for the April Lustration of the Ancestors Silent Auction - it is not too early. contact me at cntfundraisingoffice@...

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Comment by Holly Charland on September 8, 2010 at 8:54pm
I have stuff to donate for the next lustration. where do I send It?
I went to the lustration and had a blast. Was great to be around other correllians.

Blessed Be


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