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My first time smudging was completly spontanious. I was on the phone with Aliakai most of the day and then afterwords I was sitting out side reading the Idiots Guide to Celtic Wisdom when I just got the urge. I gathered my stuff and sat down and created a protective invocation partially based on St Patrick's "Lorica".

That was an experience unto it's self. I decided to write it and immedeately Set came to the for front of my mind. I began writing and I began to feel a strong building of something in the pit of my stomach, I was startled by it and stppoed, writting a charm to Nepthys the returned to Set's. I barely even had to think as I wrote.

That done I lit my white sage twice, the first time it went out, did a rudementay smudge as I walked to my room. I placed my amythyst geode that has 3 owls on it in my door way and proceded clockwise around my room, making sure to get in nooks, crannys anf windows. After I burned some incense, Yinyang, and sat down.

It was then I realized I was painfully hungry so I noshed on a banana while returning to my notes.

Now I have a question to any one who may read this.

How do I honor Set for helping me? I intend on drawing him, something I've been trying to do for some time actually but never sweem to get it right. Until then I want to show my gratitude in other ways.

Thank you.

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