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Social Networking 3.0 & What I Like About WS Ning

Merry Meet everyone! I-m so happy to see you - sense or perceive you, more likely - around! Welcome to tonight little chat! This is perfect timing if you are longing for a cup of coffee, consider this break in my message as divine intervention and go for one now. Just go! I'll wait for you, promised.

Perfect, now we're talking about, all of us sipping from our double-espressos from our favorite mix courtesy of our nearest Starbuck's. Isn't this the perfect example of globalization and social networking? It is not - I hope - but it sounded great in my mind. And one should always say fancy things, like in one of those Tarantino's movies (being Inglorious Basterds close to premieres).

The lousy thing about espressos is that at first they are too extremely hot to drink, and just a minute later they have turned cold... One have to fight much to find the perfect moment to drink it. A science and an art, if you like.

So, this evening, while driving home from the Office, I connected my iPod to the car's stereo and prepared myself to listen one of those Stanford's lectures/conferences that a couple years ago, I think this was 2007, I downloaded from the official site to listen.

The conference: Social Networking 3.0

The guest list:

Charlene Li Senior Analyst of Forrester Research.
Travis Kats SVP and General Manager of MySpace International.
Dustin Moskovitz co-founder and Vicepresident of engineering of Facebook.
Richard Rosenblatt co-founder, Chairman and CEO Demand Media.
Gina Bianchini co-founder and CEO of NING.
Karl Jacob founder and CEO of Wallop.

Charlene Li was moderating the discussion and the CEOs participated beautifully, congratulations to all of them.

See the picture of the event:

As always with Stanford Conferences, the audio from the Q&A session with the public was awful... And it also was the audio of Richard Rosenblatt... So much money and they can't buy nice and many microphones! Shame on them!

So now you know: It happens even in the better schools, not just in some.

Still, if you have the opportunity to listen to it, you'll have a great time (49 minutes). As I've said they all did amazing commentaries and were really open, honest and friendly between each other and with the public. After all, if you analyze it closely, they were (and they are) just a bunch of nice looking kids, with tremendous luck, amazing ideas, standing in the right moment at the right place. And I imagine many of them still didn't know how rich they're about to become.

Oh, miss Gina Bianchini if you're reading - 'cause I imagine you have some spiders searching for your name in the web 24/7, especially if it's in-house (or at least, that's what I would do) - let me just tell you that you spoke beautifully and you're gorgeous! A total princess! Congratulations!

Let me jump to conclusions and personal comments before making this blog post much larger...

* From hearing them all one realize that (1) they don't even have any remote idea of the future of social networking in 3-5 years, much less 10 years, because it is too new, because it is like a living entity always evolving, because that's the way it always is with great ideas (they can come out of the blue in the most akward moment) and because everything is happenning too fast. In exponential times as the ones we're living: everything can happen.

* They all concord in one thing, though: "You can't lose with Internet". There's no way you can lose with it. It was born to succed, to triumph. Internet is a force that cannot be stopped. And Internet is the 3rd major driving force in the current World. If you have money, you should invest it in Internet-based companies right away, without any doubt. If you're a business man, or an entrepreneur, you should go global and should start becoming an e-business man and e-entrepreneur right away.

* They mentioned something really interesting: In a survey someone did, I can't remember exactly who, they asked teenagers: Do you have Facebook? Yes. Do you have Hi5? Yes. Do you have Twitter? Yes. Do you have Ning? Yes. Do you do social network? No.

WHAT!?!?! Yes, that's right, children and teenagers do it all the time, spend huge amounts of energy, time, resources, etcetera, in something they can't even finish comprehending. They just pertain to pertain, just because, just out of the trend.

For those of you who are not yet clear about WHAT is Social Networking, a rather simple definition:

"A social network service focuses on building online communities of people who share interests and/or activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. Most social network services are web based and provide a variety of ways for users to interact, such as e-mail and instant messaging services.

Social networking has encouraged new ways to communicate and share information. Social networking websites are being used regularly by millions of people".

We're social networking.

* According to them, the interviewed CEOs of this conference, the only thing about Social Networking nowadays are: That it will keep growing in the World, expanding to more and more countries and languages, and reaching more and more people.

* The perceived future according to them lies in: Greater bandwidth; lighter applications; going completely mobile (through cellphones, blackberries, palms, etcetera); just focusing in keep growing and reaching more places and people in the World for the next years.

* The great promise of Social Networking for the future: Making business; helping reducing distrust and improving confidence to boost e-commerce; publicity; etcetera.

* They couldn't agree whether it was good to pertain to a thousand social networks and having a hundred different profiles and accounts... Some said it is a waste of time and effort, others said it was valid and even necessary because not all Social Networks are for the same thing, neither have the same members, etcetera, and maybe the "face" you want to show in one is completely different from your other face in another profile of another social network. But they agreed that it is up to the user. And that they only can work to give some mobility to the user inside the different networks, envisioning something like "take your things and go" capability.

* They agreed that Virtual Reality Communities are an extension of social networking, totally.

* Social networking is just beginning.

Now the really interesting thing and the true purpose of this entry is the following:

* They all agreed that Social Networking engine is: CONTENT. Good, quality, objective, useful, right, CONTENT.

And I agree. I have never before joined ANY social network because they had no true meaning for me. It was just a waste of time. It was just writing and reading nonsense from Goddess-knows-what type of people. It was time consuming, it was insecure, etcetera.

But it doesn't have to be that way. And we're demonstrating it. It depends on us, and what we're doing to generate valuable information, share important information, work together, develop smart conversations, write true valuable things, connect and collaborate with people, etc.

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Comment by The Daily Spell on May 25, 2009 at 6:56pm
Thanks for many ways, I am anticipating that Witch School will transform itself into a array of useful tools, for a community to use as they please.
Comment by Eblis on May 25, 2009 at 9:02pm
OMG! LoL I was writing this some days ago and I recall saving it as a draft! But apparently I programmed it to be published today! LOL It is not finished, but I'm going to work faster to finish it! In fact I was going to modify it because that day I had drank a lot of coffee and was in a funny mood! LOL But anyway, I'm glad destiny have jumped in and obligued me to publish it as it was... Please, give me some hours - maybe 2 days - to finish it and please come back again to read the final results!
The conference was really, really interesting indeed! And I have som many things to say still! Things that I think could add value to this Social Network and WS!
Blessed be and tons of hugs!
Comment by Witch School Administration on May 26, 2009 at 10:28am
This is a most interesting piece Eblis. Thank you for sharing it with us. We can all strive to learn from this and utilize this information in our approach online towards its communities, and in particular online Pagan communities, a growing trend it seems with online rituals and interaction, done so safely from the comforts of one's own home without actually exposing themselves or being involved in anything necessarily tangible.
Comment by Kristy Martin on March 18, 2010 at 10:26pm

Social media can help people from other places with the same interest engage, communicate, share each other ideas and have fun together online.



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