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I am so sorry that I have not been here much and talking with all of you.. I just don't know. After all the treatments and all I just feel really down and I am fighting it. It just seems that the disease and cure took alot out of me and I am trying to come back. It has been a hard journey. I know that I have the strength within me to beat this.. and I will. So thank you so much for being patient with me right now. Plus, since I am an empathetic I try not to go around too much, not with me being all down already. I feel someone elses emotions and there go the tears. And it is hard to control it right now. And I have been feeling the presence of my first husband who passed in 2006 I know he is trying to comfort me that is what I am getting from him, but it makes me cry because I miss him so much. He and I were kindred spirits. Even though we were divorced. (Long story) he was still my best friend and first love. So that has been pulling on my heart strings too. And I know deep in my heart he was there while I was in surgery and so were my parents. I have been told by a psychic that I have all five senses.. Now it is developing them. So maybe that is why I am so emotional too. I feel and hear things and I can hear some crying, it is just learning to know what I can and cannot handle at the moment. And I think that the Psychic course I am taking will help me alot thru this. Well I guess I have rattled on alot. Thank you for listening and I promise to be around more.

Brightest of blessings your way,
In love and light,

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