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I was reading a witchcraft article on witchvox "Love, Lust and the Natural Order of Things" and it stirred up some ideas regarding spellcrafting when it involves - other people.

I dont agree with everything the author of that article says, but do agree with some of it.

Most of the time we do spells that are for our OWN benefit, protection, prosperity, knowledge etc. Eventually we are compelled to do spell-work that in some way involves other people. Whether is is for protection, healing, love or more- we do a spell on behalf of another, or a spell that includes someone else.

The main issue is, could the spell impede free will? I usually advise people never to do a spell ON someone without their explicit consent. This generally resolves the issue... So what about healing spells. Most people dont think it is wrong to do a spell to heal the people living in a disaster zone for example. The question is, if the act of doing spells is prohibited in another person's religion, is it wrong to perform a spell on them that is to their benefit?

Like prayers... I don't personally mind people praying for my health, wealth, or happiness, regardless of thier religion. But it really BOTHERS me when family members pray to "save my soul" or "bring me back to Jesus". I know they do, and they do it without my blessing or consent. It isn't that I am fearful that they will take away my ability to choose, it is just the obvious misguided inability to accept that I can find solace in a different faith. It creates a rift where there wouldn't be one if they could simply "agree to disagree".

So when we do spells on people who don't believe as we do, are we doing the same thing? Even if it is a "blanket spell"? I don't know. Certainly we cant petition every single person... Is it negligent to refrain from praying or casting when people need all the help they can get, energetically or otherwise?

And what of spells that change someone else's perception of US? I make a spicy lust oil that fires up the libido of me and my husband. He knows i have it, and I know he likes ANYTHING to get us out of the living room and into the sack... but do i tell him every time i dab some on? no. That would be like announcing your birthday wish after you blow out the candles.

And what of "communal spaces"? My house is protected by charms, and I certainly feel that it is for the benefit of all who dwell. I know hubby doesn't mind, but I cant exactly "ask" my 18 month old. I feel that because she is my daughter I can cast as much protection and loving spells on her as I want, at least until she tells me otherwise. I think children qualify under the "Parental Rights and Responsibilities clause".

What about if someone desperately wants or desires something and you KNOW that they do. Can you help them with "non invasive" magic to give them a little "good luck"? Is that taboo unless you ask them? If a loved one is dying from cancer, should you do a healing spell even if they don't ask for one? Is it negligent to NOT do it if it is within your abilities?

All in all where do you draw the line? When your intent is to do good for someone else... is it selfish to assume, or selfless to give? Where does free will end and public benefit begin. Should you help those who don't WANT your help?

I can't say, what I can say is that *sometimes* I explore the territory. What do YOU think?

Blessed Be and Good Luck on Your Journey!

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Comment by Rev Michelle on June 18, 2010 at 5:15pm
If you always make sure you do your spellwork with harm to none, that takes care of it since interfering with someone's free will is harm. When I do a spell or ritual for healing someone or a group of people, I make sure to include that the person(s) in question choose to accept or reject the healing. If someone doesn't want our help, it's wrong to impose it upon them. For instance, my paternal grandmother chose not to get treatment for her ovarian cancer when she was diagnosed with it. She also made it clear that she did not want any kind of healing energies directed towards her. Though we didn't want her to leave, it was her decision and her body.

Now, if you are a parent and you're talking about your underage child, that is a different story. Children don't want to take medicine or eat veggies, but they need to do so.
Comment by edward perry on June 18, 2010 at 7:43pm
I think that any spell crafting for another person even with there explicit consent can be somewhat unpredictable .This is beacuse i think enegry is connected to the person when spell crafting this may include emotions, experiences etc.Now even though your intent maybe truly good you cant ever truly step into the other person "shoes" and experience what they do only interpret it.So your spell is intened to effect someone on a completely other path as your own.As I sayed intent is a powerful foce when casting although i see the enegry in the spells a force not different then our own and has its own path like a liveing being .We can try our hardist to ensure the goal is accomplished,to me its not "set in stone" and your spell could effect that person or people he/she may know more then intended or in another way.


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