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Spirit of Peace


Clear and crisp is the Yule night air
And the stars of the heavens look down
The clarion light of the Full Moon shines
On the glistening snow on the ground
The Yule Log blazes in the hearth
And the Yule feast is well underway
Good will prevails over all hearts
And the Spirit of Peace holds sway
Spirit of Peace in the still of the night
We all feel you at times like this
When open hearts are filled with cheer
And no part of our lives is amiss
So we praise You, Spirit of Peace
For all the Blessings you give
And ask You to help us remember
All of the days that we live
That even in times of pain and strife
The Spirit of Peace is still there
If we but remember to look within
For Your help with the burdens we bear
The Spirit of Peace will smooth all roads
And She will make all things new
So Spirit of Peace we invoke You now
And offer the thanks You are due

From Rev. Don's Super Omnibus of Invocations and Incantations for All Occasions

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Comment by Rev. Vivian Dewey HP on December 29, 2013 at 5:02pm

Beautiful. Thank you for posting it.


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