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St. Louis Pagan Picnic, Cards, and Video!

Hello! This is Rev. Don Lewis coming to you from beautiful Florida! Come join me on!

Have you seen the Next Big Thing from Witch School? It’s the Tarot of Hekate, available for the first time ever! I designed this deck to be unique, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am to finally see it in print! You’ve seen the black and white artwork in Tarot courses and in my clip art set, but never before has the Tarot of Hekate been produced as an actual deck –and in full color no less. One hundred cards –all the cards of a conventional Tarot plus several additional Major Arcana cards and an additional suit of Minor Arcana to expand upon traditional symbolism and meanings. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see the Tarot of Hekate as an actual deck, and the color of the cards is if anything even more beautiful than the colors of the original artwork. The Tarot of Hekate is the first part of ‘Rev. Don’s Infinite Tarot’ – an infinitely customizable Tarot deck to which new cards can be added according to need and taste. Watch for the first Expansion Set, featuring the wisdom of the Correllian Ancestors, coming soon! Get your copy of the Tarot of Hekate, and watch for the Expansion Sets, at !

And watch for me next weekend (June 7 and 8) at the 22nd Annual St. Louis Pagan Picnic! I will be on the road, appearing at the Picnic along with Witch School CEO Mike Ferrell. If you are at the Picnic, stop by our booth and “Hello!” We will have lots of cool Witch School products, including the Tarot of Hekate and Rev. Don’s Super-Omnibus of Invocations and Incantations for All Occasions! Learn more about the St Louis Pagan Picnic at! Can’t be at the Picnic –not to worry, we will bring it to you in video as we do every year through Magick TV. I will be filming interesting interviews to share with everyone who can’t attend in person. Stop by our table and maybe I’ll interview you!

Speaking of Magick TV –did you know that we have almost 2,300 videos at Magick TV? We have interviews with Pagan and Magical authors and personalities, video from events, and my Daily Vlog where I answer questions each day from viewers. Have a question for the Vlog? Send it to me at . And if Magick TV is not enough to satisfy your desire for Pagan-themed video, remember the Witch School First Degree Video Lessons! The entire First Degree course is available in video format –the first thing of its kind anywhere. The Video Lessons include demonstrations of most of what the Lessons discuss, and animated segments to illustrate the use of energy and visualization. You’ve never seen anything quite like it, because there is nothing like it! Available to you from

All these things and more are happening at! Come join me at Witch School for in-depth lessons (more than 12,000 pages of Lessons), dozens of social forums, video through Magick TV, and radio through Pagans Tonight! No other online magical school offers so much or in such depth! And remember –when we say that Witch School Lifetime Memberships last a lifetime, we really mean it! And every year Witch School offers more, so the value of a Lifetime Membership only increases over time! Get your Lifetime Membership today at http://www. Rev. Don's Video Lessons and more! Learn about magic and spirituality! Join the global Correllian Family! Sign up today! Invite your friends!

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