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Its 3:44 am and the wind howls just outside my window. The home is empty, darkness broken by an occasional intermittant strobe of lightning. I am drawn out of my bed. As early as it is, now just does not seem the time to be caught unaware. This easily could be a tornadic storm raging just outside. I can hear the lapping wind and rain against the lone piece of glass. Time to arise and make sense of my surroundings.

I am normally a heavy sleeper and so any periods that I awake like this I tend to take note of. 3:51am and already the storm seems to have lessened it grip on the area. There is no doubt that it is now creating havoc for someone else at this very moment. The dark and silence is once again regaining its dominance but somehow with the strength of a moisture in the air. Humidity is so much more powerful a force in the Texas Gulf Coast region. The heaviness in the air is not uncomfortable. It merely exist. It is and always will be.

From what I know there have been storms in other regions of the country too. I know directly of an ice storm slamming its way across the upper mid-west. I can hardly know just exactly what is happening right now without pulling up a radar map. Electric lines heavy with the solidified percipitation snap leaving a swath of powerless homes in its wake. A bitter cold taking back its domain until man can once again establish his temporary and self created respite from the raw power of nature.

4:04am and I realize just how little we are in this universe. These storms are mere pin specks amids the continental map of our universe. It seems now that all the rage of my personal storms are insiginificant to the glory and power of creativity in its grand scale. Its amazing to me that two people were placed within two seperate storms so many miles apart, and yet in reality there is no real distance between. I wonder just how the other storm feels right now. Maybe someday I will.

Smiles, Ron

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Comment by LeAnn Jones on December 24, 2009 at 7:57pm
Lovely and creative display of words. Hope you are doing well this season.

Blessings from the bible belt of Arkansas, LeAnn
Comment by Darlene (Moon Masque Mystic) on December 28, 2009 at 11:04am


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