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Tarot cards and health issues: part one

Tarot%20cards%20and%20health%20issues%20part%20one.docxMost of us suffer from some or the other health issue. It gets more common and chronic as we age. Ageing is a natural process which is irreversible and no one can stop it. Youth is momentary and it has to go some day or the other. As long as it is there; we do not value what we have. Only once it is gone; do we know how precious that phase was. Life can be so complex and immature that we crave for things which are not for us. Most of us brag that we want to follow our dreams. Whether those dreams are meant for us; is a question we need to ask ourselves. Even if those dreams are meant for us. The price we may end up paying to achieve them ; is not going to be cheap. The way this world works; we only get things when there is no desire left in us to achieve them. Most of my articles and blogs reflect a pessimistic approach and please do forgive me for the same. I have a soul which is pretty barren and bitter; which reflects in my work. I cannot stop myself even if I wish to. I have come too far to go back. My temperament and my habit of indulging in self pity is a footprint. I end up leaving those marks; irrespective how hard I try to conceal them.
Health issues are a part of life but the way we manage them; brings a huge difference in controlling the damage. Not every issue or complication can be cured but to sustain the quality of health is equally important. This is a grey area. Extremely subjective and very relative. Honestly, I am not the right person to give advice on health issues because I am very careless with my own health. However, I would want to be a hypocrite and suggest people what I don’t do myself. Superficial appearance does work at times and I am going to indulge in that for this article/blog at least. To approach a fortune teller or any tarot reader; should be the last resort when one goes through health issues. To follow the suggestion or course of action as suggested by a doctor and going for a second opinion is extremely crucial and life saving. To find a good doctor is not easy and the search is endless. Good doctors are expensive and appointments are not easy to get. There are also many external factors which influence the treatment. Your doctor’s ego also plays an important role. To come across a doctor who is skilled in his craft and at the same time a humble soul: is extremely rare and uncommon. I am yet to find one in my life. The way they talk to you or the manner in which they conduct the treatment. Depends on your financial background and the kind of work that you do professionally. If you belong to a respected profession and have a sound financial background or position. Then finding a good doctor; who goes out of his way to heal you. Is not going to be a rare or an uncommon experience. If you are like me. Who lives on the edge when it comes to his financial and work situation. Then only god can bless you. Even god may not be very generous with his blessings.
When health gets chronic; work gets affected. When work is not stable; finances are a constrain. It eventually ends up affecting the treatment that we need. Good treatments are expensive and are needed when our health gets chronic. Not when we are in a position to arrange for funds. When you get sick; you need the desired treatment at that very moment. Irrespective of what your financial situation is. When you are not able to avail that treatment for reasons beyond your reach. You suffer the consequences for a very long time and at times for the rest of your life. Occasionally the damages are beyond repair. No doctor can do what god has done when he created this race. Your body is the temple of your soul. Respect what you have got even if it is not attractive or worth flaunting. Humans as a race are not very grateful. We find faults in what we get and crave for something we do not deserve.
My health issues have made me learn a lot in life. They have also made me experience a few unusual or eccentric experiences. With motives which would portray me as a weird soul to the outside world. I am not ashamed of my soul in any way. If I have to beg on the street or live as a sex worker; I would still be very proud of myself. Our god and our own destiny/karma has given us the life to live and not the people around us or who pretend to be our so called well wishers.
I have not been blessed with a sense of art or the ability to understand aesthetics. The desire to find happiness in visuals, colors or the other mediums of creative art; has never been invoked within my soul. May be, I am not deserving enough to understand something so sacred and divine. For me an artistic soul is an entity who does not understand or value money nor does he acknowledge the constrains of society. All he knows is how to ignite those emotions. Which are passionate and volatile; yet capable enough to find peace in this medium of indulgence. I am sorry I am not blessed with an artistic soul and sometimes I thank god for the same. It is not easy to survive in this world; if you are blessed with a soul like that. Every day is a struggle and compromises or sacrifices become a necessity and not a choice.
Now, why am I discussing art and creativity in this article/blog? I have started watching theatre plays and dance recitals off late. For purely selfish reasons. When I see those immensely hard working souls bring a rhythm and symmetry in this physical form. I end up observing their supple, dexterous feet and well toned legs. My own physical disability leaves me with no other choice but to observe these things first. When I am seeing those gorgeous and supple feet. As long as the dance is being performed on stage. I end up indulging in some kind of foolish wishful thinking; so I end up believing that those feet and legs belong to me. What I don’t have is what I try to achieve by seeing someone else enjoy it. Forgive me if I sound disgusting but we all need to find a way to fill that vacuum within. Even if it is for a temporary duration. The world of creative arts does give us the privilege to run away from reality and assume what cannot be transformed into reality.
One of the most painful tarot cards in any health reading is “The Hanged Man” Card. This is a Major Arcane card and ruled by the planet Neptune. It is a very complex and chronic card. Problems in life; once they start don’t end so easily or so early and at times go on for years or never end. In the same manner this card implies or brings health issues which are never ending. In the presence of this card; there is a high probability that the root cause of the health issue is an addiction. An addiction which is very difficult to give up and one would prefer to suffer instead. To cure the addiction is impossible because the person has no intention to give up the vice and to find the correct or appropriate diagnosis is another obstacle. Which may not be easy to overcome. When this card comes up and even if you go through multiple doctors, your illness may be far from being detected. With this card you also don’t find good doctors or the right ones who are capable enough to heal you.
Source of income also becomes an issue which is why money is a constrain. The people that come in your life take advantage of the situation and this includes blood relatives as well. What you are left with is: swords hanging on all sides and every door being closed. In all this mess if your sick body does not get the treatment and care which is needed. It only aggravates the illness. Even if The Hanged Man card is reversed; the situation does not change much. However, the individual awareness level is high when the card is reversed. So you don’t keep false hopes and are more realistic in your approach. If you are grounded and receptive; you are far more capable in handling the situation. This helps in controlling the damage.
Major Arcane card like the “Death” card in a health reading is a card of strong and extreme situations. Which may not always be chronic but this card implies a need to go beyond the conventional. A need to push your limits even if that makes you an outcaste. There are times in life when we need to swim against the current even if we wish to achieve the same materialistic success which others want to achieve. This card implies a strong intuition, a receptive soul and an ability to make wise choices even in the most trying circumstances. Getting the right and correct diagnosis is not much of an issue with this card. Since at some point or the other: you will come to know the exact illness. This is a card ruled by the planet Pluto. So, the illness may not be curable but that does not affect the ability to survive. I may sound foolish but this card makes the impossible very much possible. Even with the most chronic and lethal illness; the person may survive for a long time and may also live a regular life. With this card the pain is unbearable but the concerned person is stubborn and rigid enough to live with it. Some people are capable enough to survive through a lot of pain and this card implies those few souls. It is not easy to live the way they do but these are people who are blessed with a rebellious temperament and also a survival instinct. This is a card which makes you rise from your own ashes and these are souls who are capable enough to do so. Our anger and our stubbornness can be a source of survival. It is the mode in which we use and channel our anger that makes the whole difference. I am still to discover this and am incapable to advice anyone about how to do this. I can only pray that each one of us finds our own way to deal with this inner fire and how to channelize it appropriately. This is the same fire which makes a woman love every man she comes across; with all the desires in her heart. This is also the same fire which makes a woman destroy someone’s house through her seductive charm. The difference lies in the intention and the mode in which this resource is used. This is not a drug which we need to consume to experience the effects. Effects of a drug are temporary. Passion and anger form a part of every human soul. It is the people we meet and the circumstances we experience; which decides how we ignite them.

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