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Here is my three-card reading for Friday the Twelfth of May, Year 17 Aq. I am using the Tarot of Hekate. The three cards I have drawn are the Eight of Swords, the Moon, and the Ace of Pentacles.

Ruled by the Number Eight, this card represents the element of Air in a position of extremity. Air represents the mind, and the mind can be both its own best friend and its own worst enemy. This card represents situations in which the mind traps itself through predetermined assumptions, limitations, or behaviors –but which can be transcended once these prejudices are discarded and the situation is seen for itself. Feeling held back by a situation, unable to move, unable to effect the situation as you would wish, feeling trapped or imprisoned by circumstances. The situation is usually not as bad as it seems –you may be seeing all the walls but none of the doors. Try to step back from the emotion of the situation and look at it with fresh eyes, and you may see new solutions.

The Moon represents knowledge of Deity. Traditionally the Moon represents the unseen parts of the self, sometimes referred to as the subconscious but also the superconscious –the spiritual and emotional parts of the self not readily accessible by the conscious mind. The Moon card refers to the quest to bring these unseen parts of the self into conscious control –which as we have seen is the key to conscious manifestation and magic. This can be accomplished through the practice of religion, philosophy, and other established spiritual paths of a transformational nature. It can also be accomplished through other more personal forms of spiritual practice such as meditation, prayer, and spellcraft. When The Moon comes up in a reading it suggests that we should seek out an answer to our situation through spiritual means. Depending upon the person this could be through prayer, through meditation, or through magic. The situation must be approached on a spiritual as opposed to a physical level, and spiritual intervention is required. The Moon indicates a need for spiritual action.

Ruled by the Number One, this card represents the essential nature of Earth. Earth represents physical manifestation, and its essential nature is abundance and prosperity. It is the produce of the Earth that sustains all life, and allows for all physical well-being. So too this card represents well-being, sustenance, and prosperity. Money, prosperity, stability. The Ace of Pentacles represents a strong, stable situation in which one has all that one needs. It can also sometimes represent the achievement of a goal.

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