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Here is my three-card reading for Friday the Nineteenth of May, Year 17 Aq. I am using the Tarot of Hekate. The three cards I have drawn are the Six of Wands, the Tower, and the Queen of Swords.

Ruled by Number Six, this card represents the element of Fire helped along by fate. It represents worldly success and achievement, getting what you desire, accomplishment. Victory, success, achievement of your goal: getting what you have wanted and being happy with it. Being in a position of having what you have desired.

The Tower represents a breaking free of situations which have been previously held back. Limitations and barriers which have restricted growth or movement will be broken loose. This freedom may come suddenly, and may be quite unexpected –and the changes may not at first appear to be what is desired. However, the changes are for the best. We will have no control over these changes, however we can control their reaction to them, and thus how we experience them. If the changes are resisted, they are likely to be more intense and potentially traumatic. If we accept and adapt to the changes, the process can be much easier. The Tower card tells us that change is immanent and that conditions in the situation at hand will shortly be very different than they have been. This change should be expected quickly, and is often a near total change in the situation. These changes are needed because we have outgrown our old conditions -though we may not be consciously aware of this. It is important not to resist the changes which come, but to embrace them and adapt to them, because resisting the change will make it a harder experience.

The Queen of Swords represents the element of Air influenced by Water. Air represents mind and Water is emotion and reaction to circumstances. This is a card that represents the mind’s reaction to situations, and the lessons learned from experience. Water shapes itself to all things, and the mind shapes itself to experience creating patterns of behavior based upon the outcome of past experiences. The Queen of Swords represents the effects of past experience upon future behavior: Learning from past experience. Past patterns do not always repeat, but here they will. Learn from the past and apply the knowledge to the future. If you have been in a similar situation before, what did you do? If what you did before worked, do it again. If what you did before did not work, you should not try it again but seek a new strategy. What has happened in the past can be expected to be reflected in the future.

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