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Here is my three-card reading for Friday the Fifth of May, Year 17 Aq. I am using the Tarot of Hekate. The three cards I have drawn are the Nine of Cups, the Three of Pentacles, and the Devil (called 'The Veil' in the Tarot of Hekate).

Ruled by Number Nine, this card represents the element of Water in its greatest strength. Water is reflective and fluid by nature, shaping itself to whatever it encounters. Though we are rarely aware of it, the outer physical world shapes itself to the inner spiritual world in much the same way. With this card our physical circumstances will shape themselves to whatever we focus on –so we must be careful to focus on what we truly desire. This card is both the best card and the worst card in the deck at the same time. It is called “The Wish Card” and it indicates that whatever it is we are wishing for, we will get. Obviously therefore, it is important for us to be clear on what we are wishing for. Important, too, to remember that this does not mean only what we consciously wish for but rather whatever it is we are placing our focus on. With this card it is important to focus on what we desire, not on what we fear or what we think limits us –because whatever we focus on will manifest.

Ruled by the Number Three, this card represents the element of Earth in public relationships with others. Earth represents physical manifestation and integration. This card represents receiving help or instruction that allows us to advance or to better create our desires. Learning from our situations, gaining knowledge or skill from what we are doing.

The “Devil” is shown as a harlequin sitting on a rock in a dazed or dreaming state. His true identity as the God is obscured by his costume, which gives him instead the aspect of a clown. He has one foot on land and the other in water. The water here represents emotion and the subconscious. Although solid ground rises all about him, and lotuses representing spiritual growth and wisdom bloom above the waters, the Devil is oblivious to all but his dream. The Veil card means that you are not seeing clearly –accurate understanding of the situation in question is obscured, as if by a veil. With the Veil card an effort is required to see the situation as it really is, rather than as you would have it be, or as you fear it might be. Part of the problem is having an accurate view of yourself. The Veil card suggests that you may be harboring illusions about yourself and your role in or feelings about the situation. Examine your feelings and try to get some emotional distance from the situation or look at it from fresh angles. You may find that things you thought you knew about the situation are very different when viewed from a distance.

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