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Here is my three-card reading for Monday the Fifteenth of May, Year 17 Aq. I am using the Tarot of Hekate. The three cards I have drawn are the Hierophant, the Magus, and the High Priestess.

The Hierophant is the Teacher, and represents learning –especially in the sense of “life lessons”. “Hierophant” was the title of the Initiating Priest in the Eleusinian Mysteries, which revolved around the mystery of life after death, and the knowledge that the soul is eternal. As Teacher, the Hierophant represents learning about oneself, about ones situations, about Deity. The Hierophant gives insight and Higher Knowledge. However, teaching is a two-edged sword. What is learned enriches the learner, but the process can be difficult. Life lessons can be liberating and transformative –but they can also be painful if we fight them. Thus, the Teacher is both benefactor and task master, and can sometimes be harsh. No wonder then that this is one of the cards with the widest varieties of interpretation in traditional decks –everything from Divine guidance to being crushed by external authority. When the Hierophant comes up in a reading it tells you that you have something to learn from the situation being asked about –a “life lesson” if you would. The situation offers you a better understanding of yourself and/or others. But like all life lessons, this one can be either easy or hard depending upon how you handle it. When we resist life’s lessons they can be extremely hard and painful –indeed, however hard is necessary to break through our resistance. Therefore, if you draw the Hierophant you must make it a point to be open to the lesson Spirit has to teach you through the situation at hand, and try not to resist it. Indeed, it is well to pray and ask Spirit to teach the lesson as gently as possible, while yourself being as receptive to the lesson as you can. In this way, the Hierophant will be better able to teach the lesson without trauma, for the lesson itself cannot be avoided.

The Magus represents action and the ability to create and to do. The Magus represents our ability to work our will in the world –to bring about our desires through physical or magical means. The Magus represents the ability to Manifest –to shape the physical world through sheer will, mind over matter. The term Magus means magician, and the Magus uses the internal powers of the Soul to shape the external world into what he wants it to be. We all do this unconsciously -all of the time. But the Magus uses his will consciously to affect the world around him. In a reading the Magus means that we have all of the ability necessary to make our will manifest in the world. Our desire, whatever it is, is within our reach. Whatever we desire to do we can and should do. Any tools or help needed to achieve our desire are present and available. The Magus means that we need only act to be successful –failure coming only through inaction.

The High Priestess represents the spiritual and psychic aspects of a person –the soul, the Higher Self, the ability to commune with Deity. The High Priestess also represents the unconscious, the unseen, and the unrealized. Often our unconscious beliefs and expectations do more to shape our lives than our conscious hopes and dreams –the unconscious can in fact be in opposition to the conscious and can cause “crossed wires” which trip us up when we try to create the life we think we want, not realizing we are unconsciously working against it. In both cases –whether to commune with Spirit or to work with our subconscious- we must turn inward and look within ourselves. In a reading the High Priestess card means that we should seek spiritual guidance. The needed answers will come when sought in this manner, but we must look away from the physical situation –preoccupation with which may in fact be obscuring their judgment- to see what is going on underneath. The needed answers or advice can only be found within, so we must look inward, whether through prayer to Deity or to Higher Self, meditation, or psychic messages.

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