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Here is my three-card reading for Saturday the Sixth of May, Year 17 Aq. I am using the Tarot of Hekate. The three cards I have drawn are The Stars, the Princess of Pentacles, and the Six of Wands.

The Stars represent calling upon the powers of the Higher Self, or Soul. This is done by looking within oneself –by turning to the Soul for self-knowledge and inner guidance. Because the Soul has a much less limited perspective than the conscious mind, it can offer answers and insights that the conscious mind cannot. It is largely a matter of quieting the conscious mind enough to be able to listen to the Higher Self. The Stars is a card of Spiritual guidance. This card advises us to meditate seek our answers within. Inner guidance is needed, and is the only real answer. Seeking external answers will not help. This is a card well defined by that phrase from the Charge of the Goddess: “if that which you seek you find not within yourself, you will never find it.”

The Princess of Pentacles represents the element of Earth influenced by itself. Earth is a very fertile element, but it is also the most fixed, motionless element. When Earth moves it is extremely powerful, but getting it to move is extremely difficult. This card represents situations in which potential is great but movement is difficult –situations in which whatever is desired could be done, if only the situation can be set in motion. Although we have all of the skills, abilities, and resources we need to accomplish our goals, we may still find ourselves holding back either because we lack confidence or fear what others may think of us.

Ruled by Number Six, this card represents the element of Fire helped along by fate. It represents worldly success and achievement, getting what you desire, accomplishment. Victory, success, achievement of your goal: getting what you have wanted and being happy with it. Being in a position of having what you have desired.

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