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Here is my three-card reading for Sunday the Fourteenth of May, Year 17 Aq. I am using the Tarot of Hekate. The three cards I have drawn are the Eight of Cups, the Ace of Swords, and the Three of Cups.

Ruled by Number Eight, this card represents the element of Water in extremity. Because the surface of Water so often reflects what is above it, what is actually under the water can be a source of fear for us. Even though there may be nothing to be afraid of, not being able to see what is there can cause us to imagine all sorts of dangers, and exaggerate whatever real dangers may be present. This card represents that exaggerated fear of the unknown, and the tendency to imagine situations we fear as being worse than they really are. This card indicates seeing problems as being worse than they are, or even imagining problems that do not exist. Backing away from or withdrawing from a situation because of exaggerated or imaginary fears.

Ruled by the Number One, this card represents the essential nature of Air. Air is mind and thought, and its essential nature is discernment and analysis. Through the mind we examine and come to understand a situation or thing, and whether it is good for us, or bad for us. Thus this card represents the ability to assess our situations and make judgments accordingly. The Ace of Swords indicates an important decision either already before you, or coming soon. In any event the decision is not yet made, and in making it you should consider what you truly desire from the situation, rather than what is practical or expedient.

Ruled by the Number Three, this card represents the element of Water expressed in public relationships with others. The fluidity of Water here shapes itself not to one other, but to many. This card represents platonic love, friendship, and social intercourse. Happiness shared with others, a joyful group or environment that increases our own happiness: celebration, enjoyment, festivity.

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