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Here is my three-card reading for Sunday the Seventh of May, Year 17 Aq. I am using the Tarot of Hekate. The three cards I have drawn are the Queen of Swords, The Fool, and Strength.

The Queen of Swords represents the element of Air influenced by Water. Air represents mind and Water is emotion and reaction to circumstances. This is a card that represents the mind’s reaction to situations, and the lessons learned from experience. Water shapes itself to all things, and the mind shapes itself to experience creating patterns of behavior based upon the outcome of past experiences. The Queen of Swords represents the effects of past experience upon future behavior: Learning from past experience. Past patterns do not always repeat, but here they will. Learn from the past and apply the knowledge to the future. If you have been in a similar situation before, what did you do? If what you did before worked, do it again. If what you did before did not work, you should not try it again but seek a new strategy. What has happened in the past can be expected to be reflected in the future.

The Fool represents unmanifest potential. The unmarked slate –that state where all things are still possible, because nothing has been done yet. The Fool can go in any direction because s/he is still at the very start of the journey, and has yet to select its direction. This is the moment of decision where one can either trust oneself and the Universe, or give in to self-doubt. It is said that the there are ultimately only two real powers in the Universe, Love and Fear, and the Fool could be said to represent the moment of choice between them. In a reading the Fool tells you to trust yourself and have faith in your own judgment. What you have chosen, or what you choose, is the correct choice and will be successful. Believe in yourself, trust in Deity, and go forward. Even if success seems improbable, even if everyone else derides you as a Fool, have faith in your own judgment and follow it. Leave fear and doubt behind, and begin your journey by taking the first step. Trust yourself and move forward with your desire, you will be successful.

The Strength card represents inner strength, as opposed to outer strength –a point that is usually made in the artwork associated with the card. Strength represents the spiritual depth and resiliency that allows people to deal with difficult situations and rise above them. This is the strength that is built through self-knowledge and self-discipline, as opposed to muscles and sinew. Unlike the Chariot which represents outer strength in motion, the Strength card is an essentially passive, introspective strength –the rocks that the water crashes against as opposed to the water itself. Strength, as its name suggests, indicates the ability to withstand any challenge. When the Strength card comes up in a reading, we may face challenges or obstacles, but should rely upon ouir own strength to withstand these. This is not a card which indicates a good time to move forward with a situation, but rather a time to stay still, rely upon our strengths, and adopt a defensive mode.

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