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Tarot for Thursday May 25, Year 17 Aq. - WORLD TAROT DAY!


Today is World Tarot Day! And here is my entry in the world’s largest Synchronized Tarot Reading! Our question is “What does this year hold for Ge?” –“Ge” being our effective querent. I am using the Tarot of Hekate. The three cards I have drawn are the Two of Pentacles, the High Priestess, and the Nine of Cups.


Ruled by the Number Two, this card represents the element of Earth in private relationships with others. Earth represents manifestation and making things physical. Therefore, this card represents learning how to craft and create, to manifest and fashion in the physical world. We learn by doing, and so this card represents practicing this through action of many different kinds in many different ways. Being very busy, learning, striving, seeking after a goal. Being so busy that you have little time for anything but the task at hand, and may feel a bit like the proverbial “chicken without a head”.


The High Priestess represents the spiritual and psychic aspects of a person –the soul, the Higher Self, the ability to commune with Deity. The High Priestess also represents the unconscious, the unseen, and the unrealized. Often our unconscious beliefs and expectations do more to shape our lives than our conscious hopes and dreams –the unconscious can in fact be in opposition to the conscious and can cause “crossed wires” which trip us up when we try to create the life we think we want, not realizing we are unconsciously working against it. In both cases –whether to commune with Spirit or to work with our subconscious- we must turn inward and look within ourselves. In a reading the High Priestess card means that we should seek spiritual guidance. The needed answers will come when sought in this manner, but we must look away from the physical situation –preoccupation with which may in fact be obscuring their judgment- to see what is going on underneath. The needed answers or advice can only be found within, so we must look inward, whether through prayer to Deity or to Higher Self, meditation, or psychic messages.


Ruled by Number Nine, this card represents the element of Water in its greatest strength. Water is reflective and fluid by nature, shaping itself to whatever it encounters. Though we are rarely aware of it, the outer physical world shapes itself to the inner spiritual world in much the same way. With this card our physical circumstances will shape themselves to whatever we focus on –so we must be careful to focus on what we truly desire. This card is both the best card and the worst card in the deck at the same time. It is called “The Wish Card” and it indicates that whatever it is we are wishing for, we will get. Obviously therefore, it is important for us to be clear on what we are wishing for. Important, too, to remember that this does not mean only what we consciously wish for but rather whatever it is we are placing our focus on. With this card it is important to focus on what we desire, not on what we fear or what we think limits us –because whatever we focus on will manifest.

Or in other words, this will be in fact be an excellent year for Ge provided that people allow themselves to be led by their spirituality and are willing to learn how to do what is needed. The spiritual guidance and the physical knowledge are both present to allow all that is needful to unfold. This is actually a very positive reading.

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