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Here is my three-card reading for Wednesday the Twenty-Fourth of May, Year 17 Aq. I am using the Tarot of Hekate. The three cards I have drawn are the Hanged Man, the Princess of Wands, and the Queen of Cups.

The Hanged Man represents a situation in process. It may seem like a period of waiting period, but it is actually a necessary stage of the development in the situation. And though it may appear that there is no movement and things are held in stasis, developments are actually taking place below the surface of the situation. It is really a period of inner growth and developing self-knowledge, but this will usually not be evident until after that growth has already been accomplished. The Hanged Man represents a situation which will require the passage of time before it can move forward or be resolved. This will take time before it occurs, and it cannot be rushed. At the same time we will learn much about our own nature from the situation –what truly matters to us, how we truly feel about things. Though we will have to wait before we can progress, this waiting will bring deeper self-knowledge and insight into ourselves.


The Princess of Wands represents the Element of Fire influenced by Earth. Earth is fertile but immobile, fire is passion and manifestation: Together they represent the potential for action not yet realized. All manner of actions are possible here, but they have not yet been acted upon. A situation whose time has not yet come, but which will come soon. All is nearly ready, but it is just not time yet for this to play out. This situation is simply not yet ready to advance.


The Queen of Cups represents the element of Water influenced by itself. Water is fluid and motile, but it also can run deep: It can be beautifully clear or amazingly muddy: it can be warmed to boiling or frozen to ice. For these reasons, it is considered to represent emotion and reaction. This card represents the more positive qualities of emotion: love, compassion, joy. Happiness, emotional satisfaction, being in a joyful and fulfilling position in life. Being surrounded by love, pleasure, and good things.

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