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The Daily Spell is a 6D Tech Organization

The Daily Spell is a digital media ministry, an outreach to the world, to present the ideas and activities of a Pagan culture to a global audience. The Daily Spell provides knowledge, information and news on an anyone, anywhere, anytime basis. The Daily Spell offers opportunities for diverse voices to share with like minds, so they can communicate directly with each other globally, regionally, locally and one-to-one as needed. The Daily Spell uses technology to build community.

“The secret to positively impacting the lives of millions of people is understanding and internalizing the growth cycle of digital technologies. This growth cycle takes place in six key steps, which Peter Diamandis calls the Six Ds of Exponentials: digitization, deception, disruption, demonetization, dematerialization, and democratization.” - Vanessa Bates Ramirez, Singularity Hub

The Daily Spell is an exponential organization which is focused on bring communication and resources to a Pagan community worldwide. It seeks to reach and impact the tens of millions who practice Pagan faiths worldwide, giving them the tools to help billions in developing sustainable communities. As an organization The Daily Spell is focused on using the tools of the day to create an outreach that helps people globally to understand and support a Pagan culture. The Daily Spell is a truly technologically focused organization seeking to bring our faith community the best of our people to share in the world’s abundance.

“The Six Ds are a chain reaction of technological progression, a road map of rapid development that always leads to enormous upheaval and opportunity.” –Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, Bold

The Daily Spell as a fully technologically based media ministry.

The Daily Spell has digitized the media needed by an agency with text, audio, and video along multiple channels. The ability to collect and utilize digital media tools for broadcast of information has become nearly automatic, capable of infinite expansion.

The Daily Spell growth has been growing quietly since 1998, with each new social platform, from Listserv to Social Networks among its many branches. By 2017, these channels have cumulatively had tens of millions of views, listens, and interactions. The Daily Spell base is actively seeking out information globally, and as a group, we anticipate 10 times growth in 2018.

The Daily Spell is disruptive to the mainstream media filters which have limited the Pagan faith to Halloween and fringe reporting. The Daily Spell draws a substantial audience seeking out Pagan news, information, knowledge, and entertainment. By creating a focused stream, The Daily Spell can allow so many voices to connect with so many people who are eager to listen and share. The Daily Spell understands the world of online communication, including search engines and aggregators in order to assure that content is widely distributed to those seeking it.

The Daily Spell requires little in terms of monetary resources to present their view. As a ministry, it depends on a much more valuable commodity, volunteers working together to share ideas. By creating a nearly frictionless delivery system of digital goods, The Daily Spell bypasses traditional marketing channels, and in its place, becomes its own marketplace of ideas and shared resources. Services will expand along with the expansion of digital technology, and as we see in an abundant future, with minimal cost.

The Daily Spell is made possible by the dematerialization of media tools. The founders of The Daily Spell have been converting content to an electronic format since the days of desktop publishing and beta tapes. Now with a fully digitized and on demand world, The Daily Spell will allow anyone, anywhere to report their stories, with the most minimum of tools.

The Daily Spell exists because it has always been democratized. Since its inception, The Daily Spell founders believed in a spiritual democracy, where everyone has a right to speak their words, and focus on a better world. As a platform, this drive towards a universal awareness of spiritual freedom, which is the deepest part of this ministry.

So The Daily Spell begins and the world is listening.


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