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Telling your Doctor your Religion is Wicca - *gasp*!

Ok so I had a bit of a funny occurrence while in the hospital last weekend and I just had to share as I'm sure situations like this happen to others as well. I am nearly at the end of my pregnancy (I have a breech baby, so I'm having a C-section on Monday the 27th) but I was having some contractions this past Friday so I had to go into the hospital to be monitored. Well you know how they ask you like 101 questions about yourself and your lifestyle when you first go in there.. ok well one question of course is religion. Now I live in Alabama, so to say the least, to be Wiccan is pretty unheard of by the general Southern-Baptist population - but most people at least know what it is, if for no other reason than to be able to better evangelize to us "lost" folks. So my nurse asks me what religion I am, and I say "Wiccan".... she just stares at me. She doesn't type anything. Finally she says "um, how do you spell that?" to which my husband and I start laughing - we couldn't help it! So I say "W-I-C-C-A-N", still with a bit of a giggle in my voice. The nurse looks at us suspiciously, and says "I guess I was just sheltered" LOLOL. Nice excuse! Ok so fast forward to later on, another nurse was trying to tell me about this 8lb baby that was in the NICU and she said that "no one has a crystal ball" like meaning that no one can see how the healthy baby will be till it makes it on the outside. Well I just kind of very softly laughed and jokingly said something like, "actually I do have a crystal ball". To which the nurse gave me this total-shocked look and said real loud "YOU have a crystal ball???!?" like it was some horrible crazy thing to own and my husband chimes in with a huge grin on his face and says "Yep! She's a witch!" ... the nurse leaves the room without a word and did not return, LOL!

Anywho, we thought it was pretty amusing!

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Comment by Megan L Conklin on September 23, 2010 at 2:56pm
wow... i am surprised they ask you your religion! Where I live they never would ask... they do ask you if you have special requests though (like if you want to take your placenta home)

lol... people are funny!

Congrats in advance!
Comment by kevin sibley on September 23, 2010 at 7:59pm
HAHAHAHAHAH i dont see a point in asking for a religion :) but haha i love how the nurses both looked at you funny and one actually left O.O i wonder what the chirch she goes to talks about when they say wicca ? :D haha but hope every thing works out with the baby :) i was c sectioned and my mom loved it cause at the time the drugs they gave her got her ''stoned'' :D i loves my mom
Comment by mara rising-phoenix on September 24, 2010 at 1:26pm
This is ridiculously humorous!!! I have much of the same problem here. I live in Kentucky and to say things are backwards here doesn't even begin to touch the mentality here. I just keep to myself because it is just easier that way....The crystal ball thing was AWESOME! :D
Comment by Rev Michelle on September 24, 2010 at 4:22pm
Congrats on the coming arrival!! You and your husband must be so excited! We are actually starting to research the adoption process and I can think of nothing else right now!

You know, being out here in California, you would think that I would have an easier time finding religious community here than I did in the South. I am finding it to be the opposite, believe it or not. Though I have met some awesome Pagans here, it's been very hard to meet them. Unfortunately, I've met more people who were interested in Paganism as a fashion statement than a religion. My husband has had the same experience with Buddhism. He cannot find a sangha to practice with that is serious about the religion. The monks are serious, but the lay people my husband has had contact with are more interested in being fashionable and discussing what a good person she/he finds themself to be. It was so much different in the Lowcountry. I don't know if it's because you have to be serious about it to practice there since a lot of people find it really taboo, or if the area itself fosters spiritual growth and development. Maybe it's all the gorgeous angel oaks draped in Spanish moss that does it. We cannot wait to be back in the South.
Comment by Brenda Holland on September 25, 2010 at 10:22am

That was a very cute story and one that I can relate to. I recently had to go into physical therapy to tackle the pain of an old wound. But this was my first time at this particular therapist’s office, so I had tons of insurance forms and questions to address. One question was asked: What is your religion? There were no "other" selections provided. So, with a bit of hesitation I printed out the word "Wiccan". This was the first time in my life that I have ever publically announced my faith. I handed the paper in to the receptionist--wondering if she would catch it. Sure enough, she did, :). She just paused, looked at the word "Wiccan". Looked up at me, smiled, and shrugged her shoulders and began typing. :).

I think it is a little amusing too.
I hope you had a healthy baby, and I hope that you remain happy and true to yourself.
Comment by Esobel on September 26, 2010 at 3:15pm
Outstanding story! Fantastic....
Comment by Levia on September 27, 2010 at 10:02pm
haha, I loved this. I had a similar story. Since we seem to be sharing them I'll put it in too. My family has had "blue babies" for the past three generations. Basically, we're all born with the cord wrapped around our necks. Without prior knowledge of this condition it can cause birth defects from lack of oxygen. (An uncle is a bit slow). So I wanted that put in my medical chart during my first exam. The nurse said well that's not hereditary so we'll leave it out. I said, I don't care if it's not hereditary, I want it in there. (You can see we started off as best friends right? pfft.) So we stare each other down and she finally relents. She's reading through my info and says oh. what's wiccan? I said, well I honor nature, but I'm also a Witch. She gives me this dumb look and says, Oh, is that how you know the baby will be born with the cord around the neck? I stared at her incredulously. I mean, seriously, that never entered my mind that anyone would think that. After a few minutes I slowly enunciated nooo. My fiance basically had to jump in eventually cause the nurse had it out for me and I am just major rawr while pregnant. It's amusing. So it was funny afterwards but during I was just so shocked that she would even connect that. (We hadn't been talking about the cord for a good ten to fifteen minutes so it felt random too.) So that's my story. Em's is by far funnier. ^^
Comment by Crescent (Rev) on September 27, 2010 at 10:29pm
My primary care physician (an internal medicine doctor) is Indian. No, not Native American, but Indian. She's also into psychic stuff and I don't think for one minute that she'd be shocked or dead set against me for being a Wiccan. More likely, I think that she'd be curious about it. The nurses and her other staff, now that's a different story altogether. But she's been my doctor since 1992, so we know each other a bit now. BB, Crescent


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