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Testimonial of M. Rev. Stephanie Neal on WSI Rebuild

My Thoughts Regarding Witch School

When I first entered Witch School I recognized right away that a group of individuals cared enough about humanity to write and present materials that could be life-changers. They saw the need for a magical school that could reach any place at any time where students may learn at their own pace with a supportive community.

Even though most courses are written by teachers and adepts sharing their knowledge, I liked how a large group of students wrote courses as well, which meant peers teaching peers and revealing a plethora of varied perspectives for all subjects as well.

The first minute I entered the school I knew I was returning home, finding my family once again. Out of a grateful heart, I rolled up my sleeves and went right to work, hoping one day I could repay this school and its leaders that gave so generously for so little. I am grateful for all my Witch School mentors, her founders, and diligent, selfless leaders giving so freely.

Witch School is in need of updating its programming language because this language is becoming extinct shortly. It is my hope you will consider helping the school at this time. To create and maintain a vibrant school takes everyone’s help.

Please consider helping by giving to this crucial cause. Witch School is an etheric place of self-discovery, offering seekers a highly-acclaimed Pagan education and the opportunity to earn Wiccan Clergy Degrees within its Seminary.

Thank you for all you do, fellow members.

Here is the Link that makes it possible:

Brightest Blessings,
Rev. Stephanie Neal
First Priestess
Correllian Tradition

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Comment by BlackCatMagic on June 18, 2018 at 10:59am

Hi, Stephanie, I don't know if this will help, but I design, program, and manage both web and desktop software systems. I would be happy to volunteer my services to the rewrite. - Jill


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