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Testimonial Letter Student Amanda Wilson

Testimonial Letter Student Amanda Wilson

Hello, my name is Amanda Wilson. I have been a student at Witch School, and a Subscribing Member since December 2017. I am studying to become a First Degree Priestess. Currently, I am an Outer Court member of the Correllian Nativist Tradition. I am writing to give my personal testimonial and to share an article I wrote about Witch School in May. The article was published on May 3, 2018, on Hubpages. On June 12, 2018, it was moved to Exemplore, a Hubpages network site. The network's site only accepts articles of the highest quality, so it was quite an honor to have Exemplore accept another article. I had written the article without knowing about the revamp, and long before I received the email requesting assistance from the students. In the article, I explain how Witch School is an excellent resource for Wiccans and Witches who are either new to the Craft or want to advance in their studies. Here is the link to my article:
(The URL is misleading. When you start to write an article on Hubpages, you first choose the title which becomes the URL. Initially, I had a different aim for the piece and ended up changing the title ”Witch School International: An Institution Offering a Well-Rounded Magical Education".)

No one has asked me to write the article. I had no motive other than the hopes of helping anyone who wishes to learn about magic, witchcraft, and Wicca find an excellent resource. I tried a few other schools before I found Witch School. Not one of them had even half the number of classes. The classes offered by Witch School are reliable and always presented in a way that is well organized and enjoyable to read. In my opinion, the option to register with a mentor is one of the best things about Witch School. My mentor for the First Degree Lessons course, Rev. Jinn, is amazing. She replies to emails quickly, she's knowledgeable, friendly and tries to answer all my questions relating to Witchcraft even if it has nothing to do with the lesson I’m on. The mentor program, coupled with Witch Schools social media site, The Daily Spell, make the school really feel like, well, a school! There are many online schools for witchcraft, but they are in no way at the professional level of Witch School. The ones I've tried mostly consist of getting emailed a PDF about a topic or a database with very restricted variety of courses. You would never know that Witch School was initially established to train clergy for the Correllian Tradition. I think it was weeks before I realized that a tradition established the school. You are never told that certain gods or rituals are the 'only way' or the 'best way'. The only time you'll see anything saying "Correllians believes that..." is in classes specifically about Correllianism, like the First Degree Lessons, and even then you are informed of the methods and beliefs of a variety of traditions.

I am very excited and passionate about my education. I have wanted to be a witch since I was a little girl. When I finally started learning about Wicca and Witchcraft, I was having a hard time finding information that 1) made sense 2) wasn’t written for a particular audience. When I first enrolled in classes, I was still considering myself a Christian. It was so difficult to find information that didn't revolve around Pagan pantheons (i.e. in order to do this ritual you must invoke this god and that goddess). The Psychic Development classes at Witch School taught me how to properly connect to my Higher Self, as well as how to ground and center. Those simple techniques changed my life. When I started tapping into my psychic abilities, I finally heard the call from Cerridwen, a Welsh Triple goddess. It was quite mind-blowing. The faith of my family holds that there is only one God. So how could I believe in that when a goddess is appearing in my dreams, sending me visions, showing up in some way or another just about every day? Now I consider myself Pagan and am very much looking forward to earning my First Degree certificate from Witch School so I can begin my journey as a Priestess. I won't leave Witch School until I have earned my 2nd or even 3rd-degree certificate and taken every class that peaks my interest. I don't think I have ever had so much fun - never thoroughly enjoyed school as much as I do Witch School.

I am a person of very limited means, so the $5 I pay every month for my membership is all I can afford. I wish I could donate to help with the rebuild. But, I will do my part! I will tell anyone who will listen about Witch School, and encourage anyone I can to read my article on Exemplore.
I wish you the best of luck raising the money!
Here is the link that makes it all possible:
Blessed Be!
Amanda Wilson

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