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The Art of Psychic Reading

The art and skill of giving an accurate psychic reading is based on patience, practise and keeping your focus on the source of all psychic insight...and not on the person receiving the reading!
In everyday conversation, our attention is often focused on the other person and we interact with their words, facial expressions and body language. People who give 'psychic readings' based on these reactions though are not using their natural psychic abilities - they are practising what is called cold reading and modify their words based on how the sitter reacts to what they say.
These so-called 'readings' do not do the serious and divine task of giving a genuine psychic reading any credit, and such behaviour does deserve the savaging regularly displayed by sceptics.
True psychic reading is a skill that involves the reader tuning in to the psychic source of life...and not to the sitter's responses to what they say. Notice, for example, how dogmatic John Edward is when he gives a reading: he trusts his psychic source much more than the audience member's response, and this is how it should be. Psychic reading means giving the most attention to the psychic source and not to the sitter's reactions.
To dip into nature's wealth of psychic information you need to meditate to raise your awareness, and then to trust and honour every psychic response you get, more than the sitter's reactions to what you say. If they doubt what you have psychically perceived, kindly leave it with them, for the information may well be of tremendous help to the sitter months after the sitting.

The best information from Spirit often does not make sense at the time of the reading. With any genuine psychic reading, the true accuracy of the messages given are realised weeks and months after the reading has occurred, when the sitter's life has developed in new directions since the time of the reading.
So to be loyal and learn to deeply trust your psychic source, begin to practise the following meditation and proven method of giving a reading for another person:

How to Give an Accurate Psychic Reading
1. Go to a quiet area where you are removed from all distractions, for you can't be completely psychically open when you aren't relaxed. Close your eyes and take your focus to your breathing and begin to inhale more deeply through your nose. Begin to follow every inhalation and exhalation you make.
2. After 2-3 minutes of deep breathing you will begin to enter a more receptive state of mind and become more psychic. Say to yourself "I have now reached my state of deep psychic awareness. I am now in tune with my psychic self".
3. Ask your Spirit Guide to come into the room and support you as you become more psychic and help prepare you to give the reading. If you wish, ask your Spirit Guide for further advice about how you can become more psychic.
Be aware of any thoughts that pop into your head after you have posed a question to your Guide. These thoughts will immediately be sent from your Guide after you have asked your question.
4. Ask for the white light of the Holy Spirit to surround you and protect you. Simply visualising yourself in a bubble of healthy white light will ensure that you only attract positive and helpful energies during the psychic reading.
5. This is an important point. Take your focus now to your third eye, the area between your eyebrows. This is where you will receive clairvoyant images which give you hints about the future and what is yet to occur.
From this point on in your psychic reading give all your attention to this area between your eyebrows in order to keep receiving more psychic information, and do not focus on your client or sitter anymore. Attune yourself solely to the spiritual source and pass on every impression you receive.
Ask in your mind what the future holds for your client with their:
*Family life
*Love life
*Social Structure (friends etc)
and so on for any other topic you seek information on.
Mentally ask a question on each topic and then communicate to your client whatever comes into your mind. The first impressions you receive are the right ones and are from the true psychic source.

Do not censor the information you receive. Simply communicate everything you see in your mind's eye, or hear, or feel.
6. After you have passed on your impressions under the life topics listed above, ask your client or sitter if they have any questions. When they seek your advice on a topic, tune into your third eye and mentally ask their question. Be bold and communicate whatever impressions instantly pop into your mind.
Continue in this way for any topic you feel directed to discuss.
7. When you have answered and helped the client with all areas they seek psychic guidance on, thank them before thanking God and your Guide for inspiring your thoughts and making a strong psychic connection for your client during the reading.
By practising the above exercise you will soon become more confident at giving an accurate psychic reading. Most important of all, remember to keep your attention on your third eye during the reading and don't be too concerned with the reactions of your client!
Remember, your most helpful and psychic information comes from a spiritual source, not the person themselves. Practise will help you trust this spiritual source even more, so don't put roadblocks up in front of you by worrying about whether you're really picking up psychic information. You are!
This meditation will help to open you up to even more psychic insights with practise, so keep going .

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Comment by GypsyRose on May 1, 2013 at 2:59am

Thank YOU! That was most helpful! i have been struggling to understand this for years. If you have ore infomation or resourses, please email me. :)


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