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The Daily Spell for September 25th, 2009

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Chancellor’s Report on the LUSTRATION OF THE LIVING
Sept 4, 5, & 6, Chicago, IL

Greetings all!

I am very pleased to say that the recent Lustration of the Living and Prophecy Conference was a great success and everyone who attended said that they enjoyed the experience very much. Hosted by Holy City Temple of Chicago, IL, the Lustration was held at the Life Force Arts Center, at 3148 N. Lincoln ( The Life Force Arts Center is a beautiful class and event space belonging to Joan Forest Mage, who has been featured in many interviews on MagickTV over the years.

The weekend began with a reception on Friday evening. The evening's special guests were Louvel and Lisa of Chicago's famous Occult bookstore, now celebrating its 90th anniversary! Louvel and Lisa, who are old friends of Holy City Temple, are Priesthood in the Vodun religion –respectively a Houngan and Mambo. Houngan Louvel and Mambo Lisa performed an opening blessing from the Vodun religion intended to "open the door" to positive energies and shut out negative ones during the weekend. The blessing featured prayers in several languages, song and dance. It was a lovely, graceful ceremony and set the tone for what was to be the most interfaith oriented Lustration ever.

Following the opening blessing ceremony were opening statements from Arch Priestess Traci Logan Wood and myself. September 4th is Correllian Founding day and this is a special year for the Tradition as it is our thirtieth year as a public Tradition. It is also my thirtieth year as First Priest of the Tradition.

September 4th is also the founding day for our educational partner Witch School, which is now in its eighth year. It is amazing to me how much Witch School has done in a mere eight years. Ranked as the highest trafficked Pagan website in the world by Alexa, which compiles such data, Witch School is now in 130 countries worldwide. Although Witch School teaches many other subjects as well, the Correllian Clergy classes offered through the Traditions educational partnership with the school have propelled Correllianism into a truly global movement.

Thirty years ago when Lady Krystel and I declared Correllianism a public Tradition, the members of the Correll Mother Temple expected this to mean only very limited, local growth –who could have imagined how much the world would change in thirty years, or how much Correllianism would grow with those changes? We were told by the Ancestors that these things would come, but how could we ever have fully understood?

And of course, that is the reason for the theme of this Lustration: Prophecy. The Correllian Tradition is and has always been guided by the Ancestors and the ability to receive such guidance is the baseline of our Third Degree. We wanted to use this Lustration to discuss not only how the Correllian High Priesthood and Arch Priesthood use oracular prophecy and interaction with the Beloved Ancestors, but also how other religions do so. Consequently we gathered a range of speakers representing several points of view to discuss how they work with
ancestors and prophecy.

Later Lady Traci and I conducted an Ancestor ceremony in which invoked the Correllian Ancestors to watch over the weekend, and then asked each person to invoke their own Ancestors to join us.

Friday evening was a time for socializing and catching up with old friends. Among other things Nina Jankowski regaled us with tales of her adventures as a ghost hunter! It was also a time to look over the many exciting items in the Lustration auction. This auction, which had been taking absentee bids online until Thursday, was organized to help support the Lustration by Rev. Mike Neal, of the CNT Fundraising Office. Mike did a wonderful job with the auction that included many beautiful items donated for the support of Lustration including
hand-painted candles, handmade dolls and wall hangings, statuary, plaques, and jewelry –and many other items. Added to the auction onsite only were three Ancestor altars created by Arch Priestess Traci. The largest of these was made from hinged window frames mounted with photos and artwork, intended to represent the seeing between the borders of the worlds. The two smaller Ancestor altars were intended to be easily
portable and were created for tabletop use.

Saturday morning began with breakfast onsite at the Life Force Arts Center. This started the day out beautifully and was followed by our diverse line-up of speakers.

At 10 AM Lady Traci and I spoke on the subject of oracular working within the Correllian Tradition, the role of the Ancestors as guides and partners, and how the oracles of the Ancestors –whether delivered at Lustration or on an ongoing basis in the Mother Temple- shape the direction of the Tradition. Although the primary point of contact is the Mother Temple, and primary the First Priesthood, the Correllian Tradition is a circle which runs through both the world of the living and the world of spirit, those in Spirit continuing to stand hand-in-hand with the living. One of our core beliefs is that the barrier between the living and the spirits is no impediment to communication, and one of our goals is that in time that communication can and shall become second nature to all humanity, not only accomplished Priesthood.

Next at 11 AM Babalawo Alan Kulevich Ifa-Bi spoke about the role of Ancestors in the Ifa religion. The Babalawo spoke about how the Ifa regard their Ancestors and how they interact with them. Lady Traci had prepared a special Ancestor Altar compatible with the Ifa Tradition, and Babalawo Alan conducted an Ifa Ancestor propitiation ceremony in which people were invited to take part and make offerings to their particular Ancestors. This was a very exciting presentation with much music and singing, which are very important in the Ifa Tradition.

After lunch Rev. Diana of Holy City Temple spoke on the subject of the Akashic Records, and how they can be used as an oracular tool. Significantly Rev. Diana began her presentation by explaining that she had not originally thought of the Akashic Records as being Oracular, until she came to understand the Correllian use of the term "Oracle" –now she regards the Akashic Records as being profoundly oracular in nature. Rev. Diana explained what the Akashic Records are
and gave practical information about how to interact with them and ways in which such interaction can be of benefit in life.

After Rev. Diana the next speaker was Rt. Rev. Deena Butta, AU. Lady Deena is an Arch Priestess of the Fellowship of Isis –a spiritual fellowship dedicated to the feminine aspect of Deity in all religions. Lady Deena spoke a bit about what the Fellowship of Isis is and how it was founded, but her primary focus was on the role of Oracles in the Isian liturgy and also Isian history. Lady Olivia, the Head of the FOI, is an extremely accomplished Oracle who has followed Oracular guidance throughout the history of FOI. Most FOI liturgy features an Oracle delivered by Lady Olivia at the time of the liturgy's writing, and often an Oracle (or Oracles) delivered on the spot by the Priesthood enacting the rite. Perhaps the most memorable moment in Lady Deena's presentation was her discussion of the impromptu Oracle that Lady Olivia delivered during the Parliament of Worlds religions in Chicago, in 1993.

Joan Forest Mage spoke next on the role of Ancestors and Oracular work in Shamanism. Joan spoke about how Shamans interact with spirit and the spirit world, and about the different ways one can look at the idea of an "Ancestor". Joan then led us all on a Shamanic journey to meet our spiritual ancestors, which proved to a fascinating experience.

Lastly Shauna Aura and Mark Mandrake of Earth Spirit Chicago spoke on the idea of "Becoming Tomorrow's Ancestor Today." Shauna and Mark addressed the idea that it is how we live now that determines whether our descendants will look back upon us as honored Ancestors to be remembered and revered, or as people they would just as soon forget. Mark and Shauna discussed issues such as positive leadership skills and conflict resolution, and how these can build a better community.

Thank you to all of these wonderful speakers who made Saturday such a pleasure!

After dinner at the Golden Apple restaurant –a special treat for our Discordian friends- we spent Saturday evening conducting initiations and initiatory confirmations.

I would like to offer congratulations to High Priestess Rev. Diane Lavendoski who had her Third Degree initiation: to Rev. Mike Neal and Rev. Jennifer Stafford who had their Second Degree initiations: to Rev. Nina Jankowski who had her First Degree initiation: and to Gretchen Broadhurst who had her Dedication Ceremony. Congratulations all!

Rev. Nina was our first-ever deaf initiate at Lustration. We have had many deaf Clergy who performed self-initiation, but this was the first performed in real-time. Although we had been uncertain how it might go, with Goddess' help it was a great success. I would like to thank Lady Traci for her tremendous assistance in translating to ASL.

Sunday of course was the Lustration itself. We all gathered again for breakfast at LFAC and then went straight into rehearsal. The ceremony was lovely and even though many people had only received their part assignment the night before the ritual came off without a hitch.

Mark Mandrake of ESC acted as Guardian, and greatly enjoyed getting to use the Big Sword. Rev. Diana of Holy City acted as both Vocifer and Sonifer. Gretchen Broadhurst performed the cleansing and blessing of the circle as both Aquifer and Lucifer. Chancellor's Herald Rev. Jason Highcorrell, HP, acted as Genevocator and Rev. Diane Lavendoski, HP, acted as Junovacator. The Quarter Guardians were Rev. Jennifer Stafford in the East: Rev. Michael Barry in the South: Rev. Amanda W in the West: and Rev. Mike Neal in the North. The Conjoined Charge was enacted by Shauna Aura and Mark Mandrake of ESC with Rev. Diane Lavendoski, HP, acting as Lector. Long-time friend of the Tradition Kathy Adams acted as Offertory Priestess. Rev. Pete Hertzberg, HP, acted as Elder's Herald while Arch Priestess Rt. Rev. Traci Logan Wood acted for the First Elder. Rev. Stephanie Neal, HP, acted for the First Priestess while Chancellor M. Rev. Donald Lewis enacted his part asFirst Priest.

The Oracle of the Ancestors said:

"We walk in many directions. We walk to the East. We walk to the South. We walk
to the West. We walk to the North. One foot before the other: it is simple. It is no different from walking out our front door –and yet we walk through all the corners of the world. Behold –for many years we have worked to Open The Door. Now we step through it. For many years we have awaited the changes and prepared the way for them. But now they are changing. Behold –for many years we have called you forth. Spoken to you. And now you must speak.

"The whole world stands upon the brink of a new day –the Dawn has begun, the Sun is rising! Greet the Sun with song and prayer and welcome the coming of the Day. And know that always the moment you are in is the best moment of all –for it is the moment you can work from! Do not worry if it is what you thought: do not worry if it is what you hoped: but rather make of it what you can! For all moments are One Moment! And always the question is: How will you use it?

"This year is a pivotal time, and the pivot is yet to turn. But we say to you that now is the time of our Working. Now is the time –not for preparation but for action! For many years we have been the midwives of the Turning of the Age. But no longer! Now we must be the Nannies of a newborn Age. And we must remember that the work is not done when the child is born, but rather only begins –and intensifies with time.

It is more important as Time goes forward to continue the Work: to expand the Work: to deepen the Work. And this we call upon you to do…within the next six months. ALL ROADS ARE OPEN TO YOU. For years you have cleared them. And now you must walk them. This then is the message of the Ancestors."

As always there were Temple Deemings: Congratulations to Rev. Lisamarie Halliday and the members of Serenity Proto-Temple in County Durham, UK –now Serenity Temple! Congratulations also to Rev. Zaina Katherina Ghazzoul and members of Sacred Light Witan Shrine in Maryland, USA –now Sacred Light Proto-Temple! It should be noted that, while not officially representing Sacred Light Witan Shrine, Rev. Diane Lavendowsi spoke most glowingly of the Lady Katherina's history and accomplishments.

In addition, two Lustration Awards were presented.

The Order of the Golden Wand was awarded to Andre Smith, heroic South African police officer and member of the international Officers of Avalon. Andre was nominated because of his hard work as a police officer in a country that continues to be challenged by violence, both in the constantly ongoing sense and in regards to a recent series of murders. In recognizing Andre we also wish to voice our support for police officers around the world who work hard and often suffer to keep others safe. Congratulations Andre!

The Order of the Golden Wand was also presented to Rev. Stephanie Neal, HP, in recognition of all her work to support the Tradition and the community. Most notably the Award recognizes Lady Stephanie's work in forming the WSIVG which does so much good work in the world, as well as her own good work in nurturing students and Temple members, supporting the local community, giving to local schools, food banks and much more. Congratulations Lady Stephanie!

The final act of the weekend was to close the Ancestor ritual we hade begun on Friday night, giving thanks to all of the Ancestors who had been invoked for the weekend.

I especially want to thank Lady Traci and all the members of Holy City Temple for all of their hard work that made this such a special Lustration.

You can read about this Lustration and see photos at
or simply go to the "Adventures" page and click on the first link! Watch for Lustration video at Magick TV at!

After Lustration ended many of us again dined together at the Golden Apple restaurant. The general feeling among those present was that this was one of the nicest and most pleasant Lustrations ever, and that the family feeling that permeates our Tradition was very strongly felt at this event. It is wonderful to see ones family grow so large and to know that we can still all come together in love to honor the living and the spirits! Truly, that is a great accomplishment to achieve in thirty years as a public Tradition!

Many Blessings to All!

Rev. Don Lewis
First Priest and Chancellor
Correllian Nativist Tradition

Fundraising for Correllian Lustration Spring 2010!

We would like to invite everyone here to the Spring 2010 Lustration of the Ancestors being hosted by Northern Lakes Temple (! Lady Selena Fox will be our Key note speaker at Friday nights Welcome Dinner. To help off set the cost of this event we are participating in a Flower fundraiser event and thought that this would be a great benefit for all you green witchy types or as gifts for the green witch in your life... and to ensure that everyone has a great gardening experience right from the start, Flower Power offers only the finest, best-quality bulbs and plants available from growers in Holland and the U.S. They're so confident in the quality of their products that they offer an unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee.

We will be collection orders for flower bulbs both in-person and on-line (, the funds go for Lustration 2010. Please come out and support your local pagans!

Rev. Áine P Massie, HPs
The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.

Strange Numbers
The Number of words in the Chancellors Report
about the Correllian Lustration: 2752 words
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