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      An independent Pagan news service, with full digital reach of text, audio and video of the Pagan and Wiccan community.  The Daily Spell Network combines Blogs, Photos, along with Pagans Tonight Radio and Magick TV video channels, they offer a deep look into our community.
     We are expanding into a full network with news, information and entertainment.  With over 10,000 hours of audio and video interviews, event coverage, and documentaries, we provide the deepest look into the communities that create the Pagan World.  We have interviews with hundreds of Pagans including Selena Fox, Phyliss Curott, Patrick McCullom, Oberon Zell,  River Higginbotham, Olivia Robertson, Ted Andrews and Don Lewis.

    Today we are announcing our expansion into creating great new programming as we cover more events live, including the 7th Parliament of the World’s Religions.  We are also creating series including the Ed the Pagan Show, a look in the life of a Pagan. We are expanding our programming for you.

Starting November 11th, we will begin The Daily Spell Briefing, a look and round up of the news from across our community. Followed in December with the latest podcast network, Pagan Public Radio, offering up to 24 hour a day programming.  Join us today at The Daily Spell, your source for Pagan News and Entertainment.

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