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Today the Goddess spoke to me, I have been ready and searching for a new medical companion canine/familiar for a long time now, just been putting off going to the animal shelter, today I was 2 blocks away and I heard the Goddess tell me Karma was calling me there, so I went. I w pretty unsure what would happen, told the lady at the desk I was looking for a dog 1-2 years of age, 20-25 pounds, short hair mixed breed dog to service as companion animal and familiar. She said wait I have a dog who just came available for adoption tis morning 2 yrs old 20 pounds Beagle/Terrier mix short hair would you like to see her I said sure, she said okay her name is Karma and she's in the second cage to the right! Needless to say she in now behind me on the floor. My only concern was that she would be able t get along with my younger grandkids who visit once in a while, turns out she was their dg but they were forced to take her to the shelter last week when they got kicked out of their house. SO I know they will be happy to see her and she has already seriously taken to the role of companion animal and familiar, I will do our first circle tonight to start her training. Goddess I thank you!

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Comment by Paulee Whitehorse on December 12, 2013 at 2:00am

On a further note I am sure that our circle helped her to understand what I was needing, because I slipped on the ice yesterday, not serious just bruised my pride lol, but she took it very seriously, and used her nose to shake my cell phone out of my pocket and then nudged it into my hand. Never taught her that trick yet, good thing also I was able to get up and keep walking. Goddess sent us together We both know it and are grateful. I cherish the security I now have with her, and she cherishes the loving home and car rides. Blessed Be!


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