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The Great Forgetting

I’ve been and doing some dream work pathworking quite a bit in the last couple of weeks, and I received an insight about a subject we discuss a lot – that we are here by choice, we came with a purpose, and our task in this life is to reclaim that purpose and walk our life path according to our plan for our soul’s evolution.

You know – or should – that you are a Spiritual being having a physical experience. Our eternal souls never die, though our bodies and minds are in a continuous cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. We didn’t necessarily ask for everything that happens to us and the consequences of those things, but everything that happens to us and that we initiate in the world of form contains a lesson that will contribute to the evolution of our souls.

Between death and rebirth we make an agreement with ourselves, our Higher Self, our ancestors perhaps, and Spirit Guides. After reviewing what we did in the lifetime we just left, including the lessons we learned and the ones we bypassed or didn’t quite complete, which we may need to repeat, we come to agreements about our focus for the next life. What purpose will we serve, what lessons will most contribute to our soul evolution?

And once we decide the Soul mission, we consider who will come with us. With whom do we have unfinished business? With whom would we best engage in the lifetime to come? And how can we contribute to others’ growth?
If that’s all true, great Divine plan! Why don’t we remember after we’re born?

This is the Great Forgetting. It is the reason I place so much emphasis on creating your life path vision in Reclaiming Your Sacred Path workshops and individual work. Some explain it as a consequence of the trauma of the birth process and the undeveloped brain capacity of the infant. The delay between arrival and the development of at least pre-adolescent cognitive ability means we lose conscious awareness of those agreements.

Plus, we undergo intensive training from birth to cognition. We learn that parents and other adults are to be trusted, that institutions must be respected, and we are given an explanation for how we got here and what we’re supposed to do to live as a human being. And all of that must be obeyed, or there are consequences, which instills fear, and the inevitable mistakes and violations induce guilt.

A Course in Miracles states that the great forgetting was caused by the development of the ego. When God’s creation asked one little, insane question – What would it be like to be separate from God? – All of existence as we know it sprang into being in our collective imagination and the rest is literally history. In this cosmology, the ego blasts us with guilt for having “killed” or abandoned God, and fear of what his wrath will do to us if he finds us.

And so we play a game with God in this scenario – “If I don’t look at you, you can’t see me,” like an ostrich “hiding” with its head in the sand. Everybody knows you’re here, dude.

So the Great forgetting is the result of guilt and fear. Whichever cosmology you prefer, you receive clues – significant number combinations that consistently appear, omens, coincidences, déjà vu experiences, instances of telepathy, intuitive knowing, spectral visitations. All of these are messages from our higher selves, rapping on the door of our awareness, to awaken to the splendor of what we really are.

We actually experience simulations of the great forgetting very frequently in our mundane lives, which I think of as little forgettings – dreams we half remember or forget after waking, the inability to remember all the details of a Shamanic Journey or visualization/pathworking.

This made me wonder if we have trouble remaining in the “Alpha” state of astral travel and dreamwork because of the echo of fear in our minds that reentering our true Spiritual state however briefly will expose us to the God we have disobeyed or cause us to abandon our human training. So we forget, and are then we’re safe for the moment.

I think the key to the great remembering – recovering your soul purpose so you can walk your sacred path – may be to stop ourselves from allowing those lessons to slip away. This is the value of journaling. When we journal our psychic and super-conscious experiences we are writing a letter to our “lower” self – the physical, mental, and psychological being we act as in this life - from the perspective of our higher selves. Our true wizard nature informs our muggle selves that there is more to us than meets the eye. Our lower self may report what happens, but our higher self knows what it means.

If we journal both, it helps us raise our level of awareness and make progress in the same way that regular exercise gradually increases our fitness levels, making us capable of more.

But we are not here to just observe, or spend our lives in the dreamtime or introspection. to learn the lessons we came here to learn, we have to engage, learn to be in this world but not of It as the Bahai’ writings put it. This does not mean not to care, or pretend all is well when it’s not. That is spiritual bypassing. We must respond to what confronts us in our lives and answer it with Spirit. Our lessons are learned through engagement – in our devotions, engagement with Deity; In our Magic, with the Spirits who support us. Our guidance comes from within, our higher selves communing with Spirit. Our lessons come from our work, our relationships, how we spend our time and attention, and the way we manage our physical and psychological well being.

Mindful of our true nature, we can choose to create, act, and respond to what confronts us for the highest good of ourselves and others. This is the result of resuming Your Sacred Healing Journey.

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