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This past week, I’ve started reading my Tarot again and with greater insight then I’ve ever had. I think I’ve moved beyond my nervousness and finally managed to relax. After some very interesting readings with my more traditional deck, I’ve tried out my new BASEBALL deck.

First thing, they book that came with the deck has a special layout suggestion for the deck. IT’s SO COOL! Basically, it’s the infield and outfield, with all the positions. The best part of the deck is that it’s so intuitive. Despite the cards being very different from the standard Tarot, the meanings are very similar.

The second thing is, with confidence in myself, my readings are becoming easier. It's not just a connection with the deck, which there is, it's also a connection with oneself. This week has been the first time I've read my cards without doubting what they meant and without reading from a book what each card was supposed to mean. I did read up on the cards afterwards, to verify my understanding. Still, my confidence is growing.

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Comment by Talen on August 3, 2009 at 9:48am
I'm glad the new deck works well for you. It is definitely a unique and special deck. Tarot as with any other psychic undertaking stems from spirit, the source of our intuition. It sounds like in your practice, you are building a strong connection to your higher self. Blessings and Good Readings.


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