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Good one, everyone!

I have a question:

Q: How many RW (Rider Waite) Majors does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
You'll see the answer is:

A: 22, of course.

A Magician to discuss the technique and skills involved.

A High Priestess to smile knowingly and say nothing.

An Empress to suggest the best time for the conception of such an undertaking.

An Emperor to assert that the project *will* get done, no matter what.

A Hierophant to share with others the virtues of light.

A Lover to embrace it.

A Chariot to drive home how the darkness can be conquered.

A Strength to offer to hold the ladder.

A Hermit to stand under the burnt out bulb and ponder what it all means and how he got there.

A Wheel to remind everyone that the next bulb might be faulty, then again, it might be perfectly fine.

A Justice to wonder who is to responsible for the burnt out bulb and therefore the one who should change it.

A Hanged Man to suspend any decision making and wait for someone else to take care of things.

Death to point out that everyone, from the rich to the poor, has to deal with burnt out bulbs and that from the darkness, a new light bulb will illuminate.

Temperance to use the opportunity to suggest a slightly lower watt bulb will have the same effect as the old one and that equal periods of lights on and off is good for everyone.

A Devil to try and rally everyone into setting the house on fire because not only would it create quite a bit of light and generate heat, heck, it would also be so much fun!

A Tower to emphatically state that the next lightbulb *will* be faulty, and even if it isn't it is just going to burn out eventually anyway.

A Star to emphatically state that the next lightbulb *will* be fine, and even if it isn't it can be replaced with one that is.

A Moon wondering what all the fuss is about with replacing the lightbulb since one can illuminate the room with strategically placed mirrors that reflect the light from another room.

A Sun to want to order a bunch of new light fixtures, since the lightbulb is going to be replaced anyway why not take this time to add more sockets so there will always be more than enough light?

A Judgment to question what will be done with the old bulb.

A World to sing praises about the old lightbulb and the new lightbulb and how they are both really One.

A Fool to just change it.


The ones in bold lyrics are my favorite!

Which are yours?

I've been practicing with my RW Deck for almost 8 years now and I love it, the symbology, the colours, its history and meanings, etc.

Of course, feel free to share anything with us about this subject, but I wanted to ask you: For you, which is the best way to learn and integrate to your life - or "memorize" if you'd like, although in my experience with Tarot this probes to be a rather difficult task - the meanings and correspondences of Tarot Cards and symbols?

Blessed be,


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Comment by The Daily Spell on May 3, 2009 at 11:34pm
This is very good...and funny


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