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At the beginning of time and perhaps our century the specialists mythologists were fond of assuring us that myth was related to a specific state of primitive human thought , thus the human mind they said before we as a civilization became more sensible to reason , all saw the world as a stage for a dramatic conflict between capricious wills and thus they stated dogmatically that human society in the course of its historical evolution was forced to go through a prelogical period ?   in which myth was the mode of thought , It is thought that after this age came the age of the ' thinker ' or philosopher, followed by that of the scholar , the discoveries of rational and objective truths .

In the last generations or two , historians of human thought have ceased to be content with this scheme of things , and thus today myth is considered a mode of thought reserved for only primitive man as well as societies.  It was said that for one to study Mythology was in essence to study and review the errors and the follies of man . ( I wish some one would have told me this as I had studied many years ) at times a distraction, yes , why at others mournful indeed and yet others a leaping threw a album of times and ages long past . If each one of us ,yes you out their , considered the matter carefully and honestly that each of us will be perhaps forced to recognize that myth is far from foreign to our daily thoughts. Like that of science too , its purpose was and is to supply man with the means of influencing the universe , of making sure spiritual and material possession of it , given a universe of uncertainties and mysteries , thus the myth intervenes to introduce the human element , clouds in the sky , sunsets , storms etc. The myth in reality really answers a fundamental need of the human mind and to grip this fact we do not need artificially to invent the ideal of primitive thoughts. Instead each of us is to only recall our childhood impressions , after all scientific truths as they are called only play a very small part in our most intimate daily life and what we think we know in our rational mind is little compared with what we believe and suppose . Everything that is not transfused by rational knowledge belongs to the world of myth , perhaps are lives will be myth one day ? in others theories, they say we are but a dream and none of this is real ? Even at the elementary stages as it is spontaneously born , like that of the infant mind , like that of a child cut off from its mothers reassuring presence , the universe takes on menacing shape , moonbeams and the rattling of the winds conjure up all manner of things , thus we picture them we give them a name and we call them spirit or angels or fairies , the relationship that we are suppose to have with them allows the us to have influence over them or perhaps with them ? Prayer and  magical constraint and perhaps this is how the we extend our influence over our world ?  

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