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Hey everyone, I am feeling the urge to write again. I might start doing this every now and then to kinda have some food for thought and possible discussion about certain topics (if the urge to write starts coming too often I'll start a blog else where so I am not overwhelming the group). Before I start, I just want to point out that I am not doing this to brag about what I know or impose my point of view on the subjects onto others (I am only 20, there is a lot that I have not learned or experienced yet; and like most people my age, I find people who act like that distasteful. There is just too much to learn in one lifetime). They are just certain things I think everyone might come across on their journey and are worth talking about. I hope you find these both interesting and enjoyable.

Okay, so what do I mean by "The Three Dark Spheres"? They are three emotions that are viewed as..."bad" (and showing them in public is viewed to be very taboo). They are anger, sorrow, and fear. If one thinks about it, there are many examples of how these emotions are taught to be ones we should avoid at all costs (the story of Cain and Abel; stories of the White Lady, who is typically a mother who kills her own children in grief of her cheating husband and then herself; and the Tell Tale Heart to a certain expend). we are taught that if we do not avoid these emotions, we will get swallowed up by them, much like getting trapped in a sphere. In some cultures, these emotions were actually symbolized by depictions of demons, monsters and other "unclean" spirits (to a certain degree, this includes Christian Demonology but they were more focused on the actions taken because of the emotions, not the feelings themselves).

Before I get to my point, let me tell you a small story. I work in one of the cafeterias at my university, mainly in the dish room where i clean up after my peers. Often I experience anger from a few different things: how much food is being wasted every day (it is even worse because I believe everything has a soul that comes from the Divine and should be respected, including what we eat), with how disrespectful the students can be (they tend to make our job harder by not scraping their plates, playing with their food and throwing their trays down the line so the person who works on it gets a nice splash of half drank coke, that probably has backwash in it,right their face), and some of the managers and the full times disrespecting the level one workers (not even going to go into that one). I have quite a bit of self control that I have gained from dealing with my own inner demons and usually take it quietly until I have the time to properly ground myself (the control is something most of my coworkers deeply respect me about). Well, on this particular day I walked in already upset from a very bad argument I have been having with my parents for the past week and my day got worse as my shift went on. I finally reached my limit after a manager came back to the dish room and gave us crap about hoarding all the extra workers instead of sending them to clean tables (we had 5 workers in the dish room and serve over 1,000 students a day). I took my break early, went to the back room when I could not harm anyone, and just yelled out all my rage, swearing as loudly as I could to release it. I probably sounded like a loon but I did not care at that particular time. when I came back, all my friends were shocked at my very dramatic display of emotion. They knew I am very spiritual (they jokingly label me as the cafeteria monk)and, like others I know, assume that in order to be that, you never get to that point.

Which brings me to my point: being spiritual, to me at least, is being aware and knowing all of your emotions. You cannot really understand the Divine if you do not learn the language of the soul, which is emotions. Sometimes your soul has to bring something to your attention that is not so nice, such as anger, sorrow and fear. This is perfectly natural; it is suppressing them like the society I live in teaches us to do that is fake and alien. It is not just the mainstream culture too; i have seen this occurring in certain covens within the pagan community as well. These emotions are viewed to be very harmful to work with in spell work and are best to be banished to our shadow aspect instead of taking the time to understand why we feel this way and making the changes our souls are trying to tell us we need to manifest. While I do agree that these emotions do have a tendency of causing harm when used inappropriately (anger can turn into hatred which destroys all in its path; Sorrow can bind other individuals to the caster to create a codependency; fear can prevent one from an experience they need to go through in order to learn a valuable lesson) , "positive" emotions can be harmful as well (joy can be used to essentially cause addiction and stagnation). Everything has it's own light and shadow side.

There are ways to use the Three dark Spheres for the good of all. Anger can be used to cause change; Sorrow can be used to build a sense of compassion and release that can be used to heal oneself and others; and fear can be used to stop a physical or psychological threat. For example, if i had had more time on my break and more control at that moment than i did, I could have focused all my anger into creating a change that benefits all parties (my parents, the students i was cleaning up after, the manager, and myself). Perhaps my manager had something happen earlier in his day that he had been carrying the whole time and was just venting to try to make himself feel better, so my anger, when directed for the good of all, might have caused a change in his situation so he could heal. These emotions should not be swept underneath the rug (especially by us who know how to control the flow of energy) but should be brought into light to be carefully examined, understood, and used for the greater good.

If you feel like this could be something you want to try out, here is a simple exercise. Take a black candle and carve into it "release for the good of all". Dress the candle in sage essential oil (if you are pregnant or nursing, use olive oil instead. Sage oil can change one's biochemistry and best to be avoided)and, either as your dressing the candle or just holding it, charge it with what you are feeling. Pay especially close attention to why you are feeling this way and about bringing a positive change that benefits all parties involved. When you are ready, light the candle with a match and visualize all the emotion being purified by the flame and released into the Universe to bring on that change (you can further increase the power of this spell by having both the Tower and The Wheel on the altar on both sides of the candle but this is not necessary). Ground and center yourself and, if you feel necessary, smudge yourself and your home. This is one spell i do not recommend writing down right away, it is best to forget it until the change has came. You do not want to bring back the energy you have just released before it can carry out the intention behind it.

Okay, that is finally it lol. I am sorry it was long but the words just would not stop flowing out of my fingers lol. I hope you find this to be interesting and maybe helpful on your journey in some way. Have a blessed day/night

P.S. Another quick note, everyone make mistakes. It does not matter if you are the holiest guru in the world or just starting out on your journey. Everyone loses control at some point and that is okay, just learn the lesson that needs to be learned so it doesn't keep happening in an endless cycle and just move on. No one is perfect

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Comment by Phoenix Moon on March 25, 2013 at 10:20pm

Merry Meet Brother!
I really enjoyed reading this. and you are so right about our own emotions. Thank you for sharing!
Blessed Be! )0(


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