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Dear Friends and Members of WSI,

As of today, we will reopen The Daily Spell, as our Pagan News Service. We will be updating and revamping the old Witch School Social Site, aka The Ning site, into a major Pagan News Hub. We are gathering all of our media projects under one umbrella, which will allow us to share and grow.

As members, this means we will be bringing you Pagan News, anywhere anytime, and we will be able to tell your story. We want to reach out to everywhere into the world to help our global community tell their own stories. All this requires is the storytellers, who are reporters, bloggers, photographers, and videographers, and an audience that wants and desires to hear what they have to say. The Daily Spell is the common ground, the place where we can all meet to share our culture.

The Daily Spell Group includes The Daily Spell eZine, Magick TV, Pagans Tonight Radio, and The Correllian Times. We will be including and integrating the social tools we have such as Facebook and Twitter. This will allow us to act in an inclusive and powerful way to talk about our community. This is all under a single ministry, which is a 501c3 religious seminary, and that will allow us equal status to mainstream religious news services such as the Christian Science Monitor and the Catholic News Service. We will be developing and improving on our mainstream news credentials and will then have the ability to interact with global news services.

As a member of Witch School Social, this means that your membership has transferred to The Daily Spell Hub site as a basic membership. You will still have full access to all of your content and features. We are making this site even better, improving on content, and providing news that you can use in your daily life.

Our expansion will be aided by offering supporting and lifetime memberships to The Daily Spell. As we did with Witch School, we will be offering most of our content for free on a regular daily basis. We created this for your education, and now we want to create it again for your news.

With Daily Spell lifetime memberships, we will be offering access to additional content, longer interviews, and many future projects and ideas. We are focused on creating the best possible service, requiring long term infrastructure. As one of the first Daily Spell lifetime members, you will know that our success was possible due to your decision to support us. 20 years from now your membership will be as meaningful as it is today. Join us today, with a very special membership price of $29.99.

Thank you for joining us on our next great adventure, The Daily Spell, which is focused and dedicated to the next 20 years.

Ed Correll,
Daily Spell Team

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Comment by Lady Boru on November 26, 2017 at 7:35pm

Is this lifetime membership separate from my other lifetime membership or does my original Lifetime membership cover this?

Comment by Garry Jones on November 27, 2017 at 9:42am

I am currently a lifetime charter member. Could you please clarify any changes to my account?

Comment by Aralil Anelace on November 27, 2017 at 5:19pm

Same question as well please

Comment by LunaWind on November 28, 2017 at 11:51pm

Oh wow! This all sounds very exciting and I am looking forward to seeing the development of these changes. :-D But, I do want to make sure that I am reading this correctly...the lifetime membership to the Daily Spell is different than the lifetime membership of WitchSchool, correct? I, too, am a lifetime charter member of WitchSchool, so I wasn't sure if my membership would carry over the the Daily Spell, or if I should obtain a lifetime membership to the Daily Spell as well. Thank you for you help. :-) Blessed be )O(


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