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This Week's Blast From the Past is From June 19, 2005


I have just finished taken the Wee Spirit Course at WitchSchool. The Course was informative, and hey it even makes you think. Unlike most of the exams at Witchshool it is not Multiple Choice. As part of the Exam a set of questions where asked about Totems. These questions are very thought provoking. Questions like this help show the great diversity of the Wiccan Faith as we all have different ideas.
For example due to the questions I have asked many of my friends, or remembered earlier discussions about Totems. For the most part you can guess it, mostly in the cat family or huge powerful animals. A lot of Wolfs. The hubbies of course is the tiger, he swears he was a tiger in a past life, and hey he might be right lol.
But for the most part all of the totems of my friends are animals such as the Bear, Tiger, Wolf. But I feel a minuscule creature can be a totem. If there was ever a Totem for Hitler and like people a virus would be it.

I for example have many totem creatures can ever make up my mind. But I guess they all represent certain aspects of my life. Unicorn for one, for its innocence, A certain amount of innocence and nativity is needed. The innocent belief what good things can happen are needed. And the Fae I consider them to be totem creatures or spirits.

Honoring Totems, each of us honors and chooses to use something different to represent them. My dad for example while not Pagan carry's a small pipe made out of deer antler when hunting to represent the hunt, not as the killing of the deer but the meet that will be produced, if the hunt is successful.

I on the other hand have had a real tough time trying to represent the Fae on my alter, as I consider them one of my totem creatures/spirits. Unlike my friend who has her rabbits foot I don't have the choice as a representation from directly form the fae. I have tried many things to represent the Fae from statues to Pictures of the Fae.

Recently I have a new way to honor and represent them. In my back
yard their is a Faerie Circle. My daughter's and I have spend many an hour just sitting there honoring them. The baby became very cranky when her sister picked up her crayons and started to color, Even though the baby can not draw more than scribbly lines I gave her a piece of paper and a crayon. I closed my eyes as my oldest daughter fell a sleep in the grass. After a few mins with not a peep from the play pen I decided to go see what she was doing. On the floor of the play pen, was a drawing. IT wasn't the scriblly lines like normal. Of course it was scribbly as she is only 17 months old, but there was a certain something about the drawing that made it different form the others. I swear as I looked into it I seen something mystical. As I look at the drawing to this day in fact, I am overcome by a sense of being touched by the fae. For this reason this picture lies on my alter as a representation of the fae, and to me it represents them so much better than that little fae statue that now lives in the garden and not on my alter.

When choosing an totem you do not always have to have the bear, the wolf, or the Deer, all creatures on this earth are here for a reason. The bigger they are doesn't mean the more powerful they are, so hey when thinking about totems don't forget the little guy.

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