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On my twisted rocky path I have noticed that when I find a way around an obstacle there are often many other options open that were previously not opened. I have been having issues with Tarot in the past, the imagery just wasn't speaking to me. I recently started using a crystal ball and suddenly when looking at my Tarot decks the meanings were leaping off the cards at me. I wonder if anyone else has had this happen. Is it unusual when you unlock one talent for it to open several others? I have also not been able to remember my dreams for a very long time (now 40 and the last time I remembered a dream was when I was in my teens). My dreams were very disturbing to me at the time due to the fact that I was dreaming of actual events in the future. I was also dreaming of my past lives, usually how I died or events that led up to my death. After beginning to use the crystal ball, I am beginning to remember my dreams again. Although mostly of my past, they are much less disturbing to me now, even if I wake with a migraine sometimes. I have just begun my ventures into the world of crystal gazing, however I am currently seeing the same image all the time. Once I understand that one image I hope to move on or maybe be shown other things. More ramblings later.

Blessed Be

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