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Since the year 1999 (the year when my experience with tarot cards started); I have listed my services to propagate my work: on different platforms and multiple broadcasting mediums. Whether it is listing my services on social networking web sites: or publishing an advertisement in a news paper publications or foreign periodicals. By the grace of god; I have been able to indulge in every possible medium of broadcasting and visibility. I am grateful to god for the same. I am also grateful to many web sites for helping me earn my bread and butter. Right from Yahoo, Rediff, Witch School International, York Paranormals to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook (I was a late bloomer on Facebook and opened my account in December 2012. Every web site has made a substantial contribution towards my professional life. In January 2009, I bought my own web space/domain: This site or portal came in my life at a time when Economic recession had just started. Job cuts were common and it was not feasible for many self employed ventures to make money or survive financially. The initial years were not easy because when we start something new. We have to start from scratch.

At least for someone as chaotic and foolish as I am; this was not an easy experience. To manage the administrative responsibilities of a web portal, to ensure it gets a lot of traffic and there are no technical glitches. This was a herculean task for someone like me. Also when we start something on our own, any chance of failure is a brutal experience. Suffering, humiliation and failure makes us bitter and harsh. I am a born vagabond; so responsibilities and deadlines always scare me. To each his or her own. Honestly, I don’t regret about the pain and humiliation I had to go through to keep this portal ( running and listed. Some things are worth the pain and the experience is very enriching. I am extremely grateful to Manashosting (Bengaluru) for letting me experience one of the most beautiful chapters of my life. Every experience connected with this web portal and the hosting company was beautiful and gorgeous.

There are times when pain gives us more pleasure than anything else. Managing this web portal ( was not easy or devoid of humiliation but I will always be thankful to Manashosting for what they did for me. I can only wish the best for them and may they prosper a lot in the years to come. Time does not wait for anyone and I have become conscious of this fact after my thirties started last year. All I know is that sometimes things and events fall in their respective and appropriate places; on their own. The way Carl Jung speaks about the concept of Synchronicity. Is the same way this portal came in my life and became an integral part of my destiny for almost five years. Nothing in life is constant and change is inevitable. Sometimes we need to let go rather than hold on to something that is not within our reach.

My health and finances have gone through a lot of drastic changes in the past few years. Some problems which start don’t end that easily. Many a times they accompany us till our graves like an old and a loyal friend. I do not know whether anyone in his or her lifetime has ever discovered an old friend who has stayed loyal for a lifetime. Someone, who could survive the test of time and hardships. I have not discovered any such friend and neither do I have any hopes or expectations on the same. However, I am sure my health and financial issues will continue to accompany me till my last breath.
In the past one year I realized and was forced to accept the fact that I do not have the physical or emotional stamina to manage and sustain this web portal ( and keep it going. Irrespective how much I love it from the core of my heart, irrespective how possessive I am but a reality check is needed in life to stay grounded. We all have to live within a set of circumstance at times for the entire lifetime and survive within the set of constrains which our destiny and our karma has blessed us with. I am not being negative or bitter but we have to find that so called Paradise or Shangri la within this mundane living. The time has come to let it go. In August 2013, my contract will expire and I have reached the conclusion that I am not in a position to renew the said contract. I have no ill feelings. I will always have love and respect for this portal irrespective who owns it in the future. My work is extremely sacred to me because it has given me my bread and butter and given me an ability to live and make attempts to survive.

Let me make it very clear that I am going to continue reading the Tarot cards for as long as I live and I am able to. Provided the cards don’t leave me. I am just a medium at the end of the day but I consider myself a slave of these: very gorgeous and most beautiful deck of cards. My soul has no meaning, no existence, no entity without the Tarot cards. The world may laugh at me but I am very content and happy accepting this fact of my life. With every passing day and with every reading that I get to do I consider myself blessed to be able to read these esoteric card(s); whoever buys this portal ( I will wish the best for them and may they prosper in every way possible. What belongs to us comes to us. With this article/blog I thank every individual (some who I cannot name so as to respect their privacy) who made it possible for me to survive and experience this most beautiful and gorgeous event of my life: Time will move on and memories will get accumulated like shadows and reflections. However, these very memories stay with us and become a part of our soul as though they have been merged within our soul.

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